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  • What Are the Benefits of a Morning Soak in Your Hot Tub

    How do you start your day? Is it with a morning jog or cup of coffee? Hot tub owners have a big secret you may want in on, they start their mornings with a good soak. For many, this can seem like a before bed activity, but there are many reasons why a morning soak […]

  • Are Fitness Bands Worth It?

    Most of us would be hard-pressed to make it through a day without noticing someone around us wearing a fitness band. Since 2007, the fitness activity trackers have exploded on the market tracking our steps, heart rate, and weight loss activity. Brand leaders include Fitbit, Nike, Under Armour and Jawbone with many others trying to […]

  • Which Fitness Equipment Is Best for Weight Loss?

    The first step in losing weight is making sure that you are burning more calories than you consume and this can be achieved with an aerobic exercise which increases your heart rate. While running outdoors is a popular choice that requires no equipment other than a good, quality pair of sneakers, there are many home […]

  • Fitness, Where Do I Start?

    For so many of us, the winter months can turn us into somewhat of a couch potato and before we know it, we have put on a few pounds and the only workout we have done has been trying to find the best new Netflix show to binge on. If you have found yourself in […]

  • Can I Do Fitness While Pregnant?

    Keeping fit and maintaining an active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feeling well. Studies have shown that frequent exercise throughout your pregnancy can decrease some common unpleasant symptoms such as backaches and fatigue as well as help improve posture. Exercises throughout pregnancy have also been shown to help relieve stress, […]

  • Is the Hot Tub the New Kitchen Table?

    Most of us have many memories of gathering around the dining room or kitchen table with friends and family. Whether it was for crowded holiday celebrations, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, or catching up over the events of the day with your family over dinner, most of us gravitate to the kitchen […]

  • New Deck? Add a Hot Tub to Make It Complete

    When you build a deck onto your home, you create a whole new extension of your living space to enjoy, especially in the warmer months of the year. Although a deck takes considerable planning, such as deciding the size, location, accessories and other structural considerations, it is well worth the effort. One such add-on that […]

  • What Is the Purpose of Hydrotherapy?

    Hydrotherapy is an alternative medical practice that uses water to restore, maintain and also regulate health. Using water as a cure is not a modern method. Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years as a method of therapeutic healing and is used in many cultures. However, many people have limited understanding of the importance […]

  • How Does Aromatherapy Improve the Hot Tub Experience?

    you are a hot tub owner looking for new ways to make that relaxing, bubbly soak even more enjoyable, there are plenty of options. These can include lighting accessories, outdoor stereo systems and even projectors to play movies against the starry sky. However, for an instant boost of your senses to relax or energize yourself, […]

  • What Fitness Machine Burns the Most Calories?

    Most of us have the same goal when we walk into a gym: to burn the most calories in as little time as possible. However, many of us are at a loss for which machines will help us achieve that goal, especially if we want to choose one machine for a home gym. There are […]