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  • Will a Rowing Machine Give Me Big Shoulders?

    Rowing machines have become much more prevalent in public gyms these days.  Known for their full body workout, rowing machines are built to force your body to go through four distinct motions that use different sets of muscles.  Each stroke you take works more muscles than several other workout machine exercises put together.  So when […]

  • Will Dumbbells help Me Lose Weight

    The road to weight loss is paved with a calorie deficit where you end up expending more calories than you’re taking in.  If you’re asking yourself the question, “Will dumbbells help me lose weight?” the answer can be, “Yes,” if they’re part of an overall exercise and diet program that’s designed to create a calorie […]

  • Why Do Weight Plates Stop at 45lbs?

    If you’ve been working out for any length of time, you may have noticed that weight plates typically come in standard weights of 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 25 pounds, and 45 pounds.  But why do weight plates stop at 45 lbs. and not go right up to 50?  It seems the main reason for this […]

  • Why Are Home Gyms So Expensive?

    For those who just don’t feel comfortable setting foot in a public gym, the thought of creating a workout space in one’s home can sound incredibly appealing.  We often get asked, “Why are home gyms so expensive?”  But the fact is that they don’t have to be.  Sure, there are a lot of exercise machines […]

  • Can Hydrotherapy Help Sciatica?

    It’s important to visit a doctor immediately if you experience the effects of sciatica for longer than a few weeks if the pain is continuously getting worse or you find yourself completely immobilized.  Depending on the amount and the cause of the pain, a doctor may prescribe medication or possibly surgery.  That said, your doctor […]

  • What Hot Tub Should I Buy?

    For those who are deciding to buy a hot tub, it can be an exciting time.  However, after looking at all the options available it can also be a confusing and trying time.  The fact is that hot tubs have been around long enough that there’s an incredibly wide variety of choices available.  Narrowing down […]

  • Is a Hot Tub Good After a Workout?

    Many people understand the luxuriousness of spending time in the warm swirling waters of a hot tub.  It can be a relaxing break whether experienced alone or with family and friends.  But how can a hot tub be used for athletic purposes?  Can a hot tub be used before an exercise session?  Is a hot […]

  • Why Hot Tubs Are Good For Your Health

    People have long since used hot tubs to relax, catch up with friends and bring families closer together.  But hot tubs have been found to have many other advantages as well.  They’ve been used to provide pain relief, improve sleeping patterns and increase people’s range of motion.  So, when we’re asked the question, “Are hot […]

  • How to Store Weight Plates

    Keeping your home gym clean and free of obstructions is necessary for a safe and healthy workout.  You don’t want to be tripping over barbells and weight plates when you’re carrying a hefty load.  For that reason, there’s a wide range of weight plate storage systems available to the home gym enthusiast.  In this article, […]

  • What’s the Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use?

    For those deciding on an elliptical machine to use at home, a quick look online may leave you feeling overwhelmed with choice.  Elliptical machines have been around long enough that there’s a wide range of brands, models, prices and styles.  When trying to decide what’s the best elliptical machine for home use there are a […]