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Attention Bargain Hunters

Today more than ever, we have to watch our money carefully. We have to be sure that we are getting exactly what we want, and not pay too much for it. This is true, in almost every situation, as long as we know what we are buying. Especially when it comes to hot tubs. People often tell us how confused they are when hot tub shopping, because everyone says that they are the best. Truth is, there are many manufacturers out there that are represented by many dealerships. Most dealers carry multiple lines of products, for a viariety of reasons; Prices, options, etc… These are called “Dealer Networks”. There are plenty of manufacturers, but only a few really good ones. Most of the hot tub builders on the market can be summed up pretty quickly – “Supply and demand”. The demand? A heavy focus on price. If price is your factor for purchasing a hot tub, then there are hot tubs sold at street corners for that, and they can fit unbelievable low price choices. The downside? Quality & Service. Not only quality in construction and parts used, but in the dealership’s ability to service the products adequately. On top of that, the products will breakdown more often and require more maintenance, which is frustrating and not at all what you pictured doing with your hot tub. In addition to an increase in hydro due to the cheaper parts and poor design.

Like my father always says; “In a few years, you will have paid for a good tub, you just wont own one.”

We understand your confusion. Here’s a couple of professional tips before you purchase.

#1 Trust the dealer – If you get an odd feeling with the sales rep, or the dealership seems scetchy, move on. Remember, you have to deal with these people for the entire duration of owning the your hot tub. You should at least like them.

#2 Avoid off brands – An off brand is small production factory that usually has a tough time staying in business. How can you find out if it is an off brand? Google the word “hot tub”. Chances are, if you can’t find it anywhere without typing the actual name in a search engine, it is probably an off brand.

#3 Lower price is not always a better deal – We can build hot tubs for almost any budget, but value is defined by paying less then expected, and getting more for your money. A cheaper price, is just usually a cheaper price, nothing more. Dont put too much value in gimick options, just like the rest of the tub, its probably cheap parts, and will just cause problems in the future.