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  • Can Dumbbells Build Muscle?

    When most people think about weight lifting, the image they get in mind is one of an Olympic power lifter lifting a barbell adorned with massive weight plates over their head in a quick “clean and jerk” motion.  Of course, many of these lifters have the huge bicep, thigh and chest muscles needed to perform […]

  • What Home Gym Equipment Do I Need?

    Although many people opt for a gym membership, others find these public workout areas intimidating, expensive and inconvenient.  For those who don’t really like public gyms, the fact is that setting up your own home gym doesn’t require a lot of money, space or high tech equipment.  A few basic types of equipment can provide […]

  • Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

    For many decades it didn’t seem like there could be much improvement over the traditional set of dumbbells when it came to lifting weights.  And although kettlebells have existed since 16th century Russia, they didn’t really become popular in North America until very recently.  But are kettlebells better than dumbbells?  In this article we go […]

  • Are Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands Better?

    When working out, choosing the right equipment can play just as important a role as the types of exercises you do.  When it comes to comparing dumbbells to resistance bands, the result you’re looking for will be a large factor in which type of equipment is better.  Other considerations such as convenience, cost and durability […]

  • What Size Dumbbells Should You Start With?

    When individuals decide to weight lift, venturing into the world of weights can be intimidating. It can become especially nerve-wracking to witness expert lifters hauling heavy weights with ease. Although this, as well as the many varieties of dumbbell sizes and weights on the market, may appear intimidating, selecting the right size does not have […]

  • What Are Coated Weight Plates?

    Coated weight plates refer to plates that are covered with a form of durable material.  Many individuals opt for these as they reduce deterioration and damage. The most common weight plates on the market are cast iron plates and steel plates and these are the ones that are usually coated with material. What is Rubber […]

  • Are Dumbbells as Effective as Barbells?

    When it comes to lifting weights, there are many different approaches one can take. Do you focus on free weights or are machines going to help you bulk or tone better? Even once you have found what works better for you, you will find a second debate as controversial as the last. What is more […]

  • Are Fitness Bands Worth It?

    Most of us would be hard-pressed to make it through a day without noticing someone around us wearing a fitness band. Since 2007, the fitness activity trackers have exploded on the market tracking our steps, heart rate, and weight loss activity. Brand leaders include Fitbit, Nike, Under Armour and Jawbone with many others trying to […]

  • Which Fitness Equipment Is Best for Weight Loss?

    The first step in losing weight is making sure that you are burning more calories than you consume and this can be achieved with an aerobic exercise which increases your heart rate. While running outdoors is a popular choice that requires no equipment other than a good, quality pair of sneakers, there are many home […]

  • What Fitness Machine Burns the Most Calories?

    Most of us have the same goal when we walk into a gym: to burn the most calories in as little time as possible. However, many of us are at a loss for which machines will help us achieve that goal, especially if we want to choose one machine for a home gym. There are […]