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  • Are Dumbbells Better Than Machines?

    We quite often get asked, “Are dumbbells better than machines?”  Because there is no straight, simple answer to that question, we’ll typically respond with a question of our own.  “What are you trying to accomplish?”  When you know what you’re looking to achieve, the differences between dumbbells and exercise machines is a little easier to […]

  • Will Lifting Dumbbells Increase Muscle Mass?

    For those who lift weights, the customary goal is to increase muscle mass for a more chiseled and cut look.  But do you need a full array of weights to do this?  What if you only have access to dumbbells with relatively light weights?  Can you still increase your muscle mass the same way as […]

  • Are All Weight Plates the Same Size?

    One question that we’ve come across when dealing with people new to the weightlifting scene is, “Are all weight plates the same size?”  This question typically comes from people looking to purchase a barbell and some weight plates but aren’t quite sure what’s right for them. That’s only natural.  The fact is that there are […]

  • Can You Lose Weight Bench Pressing?

    Many people start working out in the hopes of losing weight.  There are a myriad of exercises you can choose from, but if you’re focused on dropping the pounds, what are the best exercises you can do?  Can you lose weight bench pressing?  This article will look at bench pressing and the ability of that […]

  • TRUE Fitness Products Now Available at California Spa & Fitness

    California Spa & Fitness is thrilled to announce that we now carry TRUE fitness products. TRUE has been an industry leader for over three decades, designing and manufacturing durable, innovative fitness equipment that is affordable and easy to use. Today, they are recognized as a global leader in premium fitness machines, for both home or […]

  • Can You Have a Weight Bench Upstairs?

    Different people have several different reasons for working out at home rather than taking out a membership at the local gym.  Convenience is usually a major factor since it means you don’t have to head out to the gym to get your workout in.  Cost may also play a role as gym memberships are typically […]

  • Can Dumbbells Build Muscle?

    When most people think about weight lifting, the image they get in mind is one of an Olympic power lifter lifting a barbell adorned with massive weight plates over their head in a quick “clean and jerk” motion.  Of course, many of these lifters have the huge bicep, thigh and chest muscles needed to perform […]

  • What Home Gym Equipment Do I Need?

    Although many people opt for a gym membership, others find these public workout areas intimidating, expensive and inconvenient.  For those who don’t really like public gyms, the fact is that setting up your own home gym doesn’t require a lot of money, space or high tech equipment.  A few basic types of equipment can provide […]

  • Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

    For many decades it didn’t seem like there could be much improvement over the traditional set of dumbbells when it came to lifting weights.  And although kettlebells have existed since 16th century Russia, they didn’t really become popular in North America until very recently.  But are kettlebells better than dumbbells?  In this article we go […]

  • Are Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands Better?

    When working out, choosing the right equipment can play just as important a role as the types of exercises you do.  When it comes to comparing dumbbells to resistance bands, the result you’re looking for will be a large factor in which type of equipment is better.  Other considerations such as convenience, cost and durability […]