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  • Can A Hot Tub Be Used as A Pool?

    For a lot of Canadians, being convinced about installing a pool in their backyard can be a tough sell.  The fact that it might only get used for 4 months of the year due to the weather is an obvious disincentive.  For others, the cost may be the biggest stumbling block.  Although not as common, […]

  • Are Hot Tub Prices Negotiable?

    As hot tubs are a significant investment, when you are about to buy one, you want to make sure that you are getting a fair price. Often people wonder if hot tub prices are negotiable or if they should plan on bartering like when buying a car. While there can be some leeway on pricing, […]

  • Can Hot Tub Jets Cause Bruising?

    Do you have sensitive skin? You may have wondered how hot tub jets will affect your skin and if they can cause bruising or pain. Rest assured that it is unlikely a hot tub jet will ever cause bruising, but it is possible the jets can create some discomfort. This can be for a number […]

  • What are Garden Hot Tubs?

    You may have the term garden hot tub but are unfamiliar with what it means. Simply put, garden hot tubs are outdoor, self-contained portable spas. These can be placed anywhere in your backyard, as long as the surface is both flat and supportive. However, lots of people choose to put their hot tub amid a […]

  • What Is Hot Tub pH?

    pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.  When it comes to the water in your hot tub, pH levels are one of the most important measurements you will need to keep an eye on.  If the pH levels of your hot tub’s water aren’t optimized properly the components of the […]

  • What Is Hot Tub Stabilizer?

    Although the warm waters of a hot tub are great for relaxing the body and the mind, the same warm waters are also an ideal environment for growing germs, bacteria and algae.  Keeping your hot tub clean is important not only for health and safety reasons, but it’ll also make your relaxation spot aesthetically more […]

  • Are Hot Tubs a Lot of Work?

    Chances are, if you are thinking about buying a hot tub, you have probably wondered if hot tubs are a lot of work. Over the past few decades, hot tubs have come leaps and bounds as far as new design technology, such as self-cleaning mode, that make it very simple to maintain your spa. While […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Your Health?

    While many people dream about how a hot tub can help them relax after a long day at work, they don’t always consider the health benefits. Hot tubs, with their therapeutic jets, customizable massage programs and variety of wellness features are good for your health in a number of ways. Soaking daily in a hot […]

  • Can A Hot Tub Sit On Gravel?

    Deciding on a location for your new hot tub can be as difficult as choosing the type of hot tub you want to buy.  Finding a location that affords privacy, a pleasant view and an appropriate distance from your house can create somewhat of a predicament.  However, one factor that should be kept in mind […]

  • What Chemicals Do You Need For a Hot Tub Start Up?

    Once your new hot tub has been installed and filled with water, you’ll need to add a regime of chemicals to ensure the water remains clean and safe for use.  Because of the warm water and the fact that it’s constantly reused, an untreated hot tub will actually promote the growth of algae, bacteria and […]