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  • Is a Hot Tub Good After a Workout?

    Many people understand the luxuriousness of spending time in the warm swirling waters of a hot tub.  It can be a relaxing break whether experienced alone or with family and friends.  But how can a hot tub be used for athletic purposes?  Can a hot tub be used before an exercise session?  Is a hot […]

  • Is Cloudy Hot Tub Water Safe?

    At some point in time, almost every hot tub owner has been faced with hot tub water that appears cloudy. Whether it has just been overdue for a cleaning or you recently had a crowded hot tub party, if it is your first-time dealing with cloudy hot tub water, you may be wondering if cloudy […]

  • What Do Hot Tubs Cost to Run?

    If you are preparing to purchase a hot tub, you have probably wanted to sit down and crunch some numbers as to what you can expect the ongoing monthly charges to be. The main two expenses will be the water treatment chemicals and electricity, but both can vary. For an average size hot tub, water […]

  • What Is Hot Tub Shock?

    If you’ve been researching the specifics about owning a hot tub, you might’ve come across the term, “shock.”  What is hot tub shock?  A term like this could put you off of hot tubs altogether.  It may sound frightening or even dangerous.  Well, you’ll be relieved to know that it has nothing to do with […]

  • What Are Hot Tubs Used For?

    When some people think of hot tubs, they envision downhill ski resorts, natural hot springs and high-end hotels.  But hot tubs are becoming more accessible to the average person.  Not only are more people installing them in their houses and backyards, many public places such as gyms and community centers are featuring them as well.  […]

  • What Hot Tub Should I Get?

    If you have decided to buy a hot tub, you likely have a number of questions floating around your mind. Out of all the questions, the most important one is “What hot tub should I get?” Making the decision on what hot tub to buy can seem overwhelming at first, especially for new hot tub […]

  • What Is a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub?

    If you have ever wondered what a self-cleaning hot tub is, you certainly are not alone! For many people, the idea of a hot tub or swim spa that that totally cleans itself without any owner help sounds too good to be true. The truth is that to some extent, all hot tubs are considered […]

  • Does a Hot Tub Need a GFCI Breaker?

    If you are getting ready finalizing the installation plans for your hot tub, you may be wondering if your hot tub will need a GFCI breaker. Based on the National Electric Code, any outlet that is supplying power to a hot tub or spa needs to be GFCI protected. In addition, there are some other […]

  • Can I Use My Hot Tub Every Day?

    If you are about to become a first-time hot tub owner, it is likely that you have asked yourself “Can I use my hot tub every day?” The good news is that yes, you absolutely can. In fact, there are actually a number of reasons why you should use your hot tub every day. Keep […]

  • Can Hydrotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

    There have been a lot of news stories and headlines proclaiming the all-around benefits of hydrotherapy.  Some of these stories include weight loss as one of the benefits of hydrotherapy regimens.  The fact is, the amount of weight loss you experience will really depend on what you’re doing in the water.  If your idea of […]