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  • Can Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

    We’re constantly being told by the media that, on average, we’re more obese than ever.  This has led to a multi-billion-dollar industry focused on helping people lose weight.  Diets, supplements, exercise programs, and superfoods are just a part of the myriad of solutions provided by those looking to make a quick buck from the most […]

  • How to Run a Hot Tub Economically

    When deciding on whether to buy a first hot tub, many potential owners are worried about how much it will cost to run.  This is a legitimate worry since hot tubs will generally cause an increase in electricity and water bills.  But potential owners may be surprised to find that hot tubs aren’t overly expensive […]

  • How to Determine if a Deck Can Support a Hot Tub?

    For those planning on buying and installing a new hot tub, it’s necessary to put some thought into where it’s going to be installed.  Many people envision a deck surrounding the hot tub.  Some people may even want to place their new hot tub on their existing deck.  This, however, can pose some problems.  Your […]

  • Can You Put Pool Chemicals in a Hot Tub

    For those who own both a swimming pool and a hot tub, you may have looked at the stack of chemicals you have for each unit and noticed that they’re basically the same ingredients.  You’ve probably asked yourself, “Can you put pool chemicals in a hot tub?”  And although it’s a reasonable question, the fact […]

  • Can Hydrotherapy Help Sciatica?

    It’s important to visit a doctor immediately if you experience the effects of sciatica for longer than a few weeks if the pain is continuously getting worse or you find yourself completely immobilized.  Depending on the amount and the cause of the pain, a doctor may prescribe medication or possibly surgery.  That said, your doctor […]

  • What Hot Tub Should I Buy?

    For those who are deciding to buy a hot tub, it can be an exciting time.  However, after looking at all the options available it can also be a confusing and trying time.  The fact is that hot tubs have been around long enough that there’s an incredibly wide variety of choices available.  Narrowing down […]

  • Is a Hot Tub Good After a Workout?

    Many people understand the luxuriousness of spending time in the warm swirling waters of a hot tub.  It can be a relaxing break whether experienced alone or with family and friends.  But how can a hot tub be used for athletic purposes?  Can a hot tub be used before an exercise session?  Is a hot […]

  • Why Hot Tubs Are Good For Your Health

    People have long since used hot tubs to relax, catch up with friends and bring families closer together.  But hot tubs have been found to have many other advantages as well.  They’ve been used to provide pain relief, improve sleeping patterns and increase people’s range of motion.  So, when we’re asked the question, “Are hot […]

  • Is Cloudy Hot Tub Water Safe?

    At some point in time, almost every hot tub owner has been faced with hot tub water that appears cloudy. Whether it has just been overdue for a cleaning or you recently had a crowded hot tub party, if it is your first-time dealing with cloudy hot tub water, you may be wondering if cloudy […]

  • What Do Hot Tubs Cost to Run?

    If you are preparing to purchase a hot tub, you have probably wanted to sit down and crunch some numbers as to what you can expect the ongoing monthly charges to be. The main two expenses will be the water treatment chemicals and electricity, but both can vary. For an average size hot tub, water […]