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  • Can You Build a Home Sauna?

    When asked the question, “Can you build a home sauna?” the straightforward answer is that “Yes, you can.”  However, the more technical answer is that it needs to be done properly or you can end up with a whole host of problems.  Improperly built saunas can cause moisture issues that, in turn, can cause mold […]

  • Who Makes the Best Home Sauna?

    When most people think of a sauna they have a very firm vision in mind.  It usually involves wood panelling, layered benches, and heated rocks.  However, sauna technology has evolved and there are now different types of saunas that may surprise people who haven’t been inside one for a long time.  Deciding who makes the […]

  • How To Choose A Home Sauna

    Purportedly invented by the Finnish, what’s known as the modern day sauna has been around for thousands of years.  Fires were used to heat rocks and steam was produced by throwing water on the heated stones.  What’s known as the Finnish sauna still exists today with an electric heater being used to heat the rocks.  […]

  • How Much Does A Home Sauna Cost To Run?

    For those looking to add a sauna to their home, the most common reasons relate to relaxation, soothing of sore muscles, detoxification, improved circulation and stress relief.  These are all legitimate reasons for installing a sauna. Looking at the list of benefits may have you wondering why everybody doesn’t have one in their home.  One […]

  • Are Home Saunas Expensive to Run?

    You wake up early and rush off to work. It is back to back meetings and you eat lunch at your desk. As people start to trickle out of the office, does your mind wander to your evening plans? For some, it may include hours in front of the television, while others will continue into […]

  • Where to Install Home Sauna?

    Saunas are typically small rooms where heat or steam is generated, and the persons dwelling in it are encouraged to sweat. For many years, individuals have relied on saunas for various reasons. It has been prized for soothing aching muscles, alleviating illnesses, relaxing, de-stressing, and for improving other conditions.  Dating back some time, saunas were […]

  • How Useful Is a Sauna in Releasing Daily Stress?

    For centuries, various people in different cultures have used saunas. Since its first use, it has been highly praised for its purification purposes. As sweat is produced, toxins and other worthless infirmities are released from the body. Sauna therapy is a valuable treatment and has been known for ridding the body of many undesirable afflictions. […]

  • How to Clean Home Sauna

    For individuals that have a sauna in their home, they know how fantastic it is to have one at their disposal. With the use of steam, they can purify their body and release the toxins dwelling in their body through sweat. The advantage to having one in the home is that it is very accessible. […]

  • What Does a Sauna Do For Your Skin?

    People have long known the benefits of sitting in a sauna. They range include relaxing the mind, easing aches in the body, and improve cardiovascular performance. In addition to these benefits, sitting in a sauna can also have many positive effects on your skin. If you sit in saunas regularly or are considering it, keep […]

  • Do You Lose Weight in a Sauna?

    There’s a lot of false information on the internet about how you can burn tons of calories in a sauna. You’ll find articles saying you can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes by sitting in that steamy room. However, we bet most of you do the quick mental math and realize that’s […]