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Hot Tub & Swim Spa Financing

Own your dream tub for less than a cell phone bill.

In the last few years, financing hot tubs has exploded in popularity. Mostly due in part of low interest rates, but also due to the fact that much of families disposable income is going towards new home purchasing and ownership. The days of paying cash for hot tubs are still here, but less frequent. This all makes sense of course, hot tubs are popular and owning one is great for people’s health and well being.

Payments per month $$$Models
$60-$80S-4000, S-SE5, S-5000
$80-$100H-495, H-395, S-6000, S-7000
$150-$200H-700, H-800
$200-$400 H-1038, 14′ Swim Spa FX, 14′ Swim Spa iX, 17′ Swim Spa FX, 19′ Swim Spa FX