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  • Choosing an Exercise Bike for Knee Rehabilitation

    Knees are among the most injury-afflicted joints in the body. The ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments are all susceptible to injury. No matter what kind of knee issue you have, riding an exercise bike can help keep you in shape while you heal. Below you’ll learn how to use an exercise bike to help you […]

  • Tips for Improving Your Rowing

    Whether you just purchased a rowing machine, are considering investing in one, or are an athlete in training, good form is essential. Below you’ll learn our top tips for improving your rowing so you can take your workout to the next level. Tip #1: Consider Your Stroke While you may have seen people at the […]

  • Choosing the Best Cardio Machine

    Before you invest a lot of money in a cardio machine for your home, it’s crucial to make sure you’re making the right choice. Ideally, you want to choose a high-quality machine you can afford that will last far into the future. Below you’ll learn how to select the best cardio machine for your needs. […]

  • Avoiding Common Treadmill Mistakes

    Whether you are training for a race, want to lose weight, or simply want to get in shape, a treadmill is a versatile option. But it’s important to remember that you’ll only get the most out of your treadmill workout if you use the machine correctly. Below are many common mistakes treadmill users make and […]

  • Building a Budget Friendly Home Gym

    If you’re thinking about building a home gym but keep putting it off because of the expense, there are many things you can do to create a phenomenal gym while investing less money. Below you’ll learn how to create a home gym that will get you in great shape without breaking the bank. Setting Up […]

  • Untrue Strength Training Myths

    If you’re not sure whether strength training is right for you, it may be because you’ve subscribed to one or more strength training myths that have become a deterrent. In reality, strength training is a terrific choice for a range of ages, genders, and body types. Below you’ll learn the top strength training myths, why […]

  • Four Common Treadmill Buying Mistakes

    If you love the rush that running gives you and are thinking about investing in a treadmill, you’re probably wondering how to choose from the huge range of available options. Below you’ll learn about common mistakes you’ll want to avoid as you make this important decision. Mistake #1: Falling for Unnecessary Features Commonly, lower-end treadmills […]

  • Choosing the Right Rowing Machine

    If you love the full-body workout of a rowing machine and are ready to invest in one, you probably have questions about what to look for. Below you’ll learn about the steps to take when buying a rowing machine to make sure you make the right choice. Know How Much Space You Have Although rowing […]

  • Design Tips for Your Home Gym

    If you’re thinking about investing in home gym equipment, the most important first step you can take is to have a clear design plan before you start buying. Below you’ll find out more about the design features that make an ideal home gym. Tip #1: Choose a Spacious Room If possible, plan to set up […]

  • Make Your Elliptical Workout More Intense

    The elliptical machine is a favorite piece of fitness equipment for many gym-goers who want a low-impact workout that still burns fat and calories. Ellipticals also have a variety of benefits, from giving you a total body workout to helping you lose weight. Below, you’ll learn how to make your elliptical workout more intense to […]