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  • Who Makes the Best Home Sauna?

    When most people think of a sauna they have a very firm vision in mind.  It usually involves wood panelling, layered benches, and heated rocks.  However, sauna technology has evolved and there are now different types of saunas that may surprise people who haven’t been inside one for a long time.  Deciding who makes the […]

  • Are Home Multi Gyms Worth It?

    For many people, working out at home is preferable to joining a gym.  Acquiring a membership at a gym can be expensive and some membership programs lock you into paying even if you find you don’t end up using it.  Other people find it hard to motivate themselves to actually get to the gym for […]

  • Are Hot Tubs a Lot of Work?

    Chances are, if you are thinking about buying a hot tub, you have probably wondered if hot tubs are a lot of work. Over the past few decades, hot tubs have come leaps and bounds as far as new design technology, such as self-cleaning mode, that make it very simple to maintain your spa. While […]

  • Can You Put a Swim Spa on a Deck?

    Swim spas are quickly gaining in popularity as their small size, low running costs and versatility are attractive to homeowners. While many urban backyards can just not accommodate the size of an in-ground swimming pool, a swim spa offers the perfect alternative. Great for exercising, enjoying a therapeutic massage and usable 365 days of the […]

  • Are Swim Spas A Good Investment?

    When buying a swim spa is something you’re considering, you may be wondering if swim spas are a good investment.  While it can largely depend on your lifestyle, for those that enjoy staying active and improving the overall wellness of their family, the value of a swim spa cannot be beat. Keep reading below to […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Your Health?

    While many people dream about how a hot tub can help them relax after a long day at work, they don’t always consider the health benefits. Hot tubs, with their therapeutic jets, customizable massage programs and variety of wellness features are good for your health in a number of ways. Soaking daily in a hot […]

  • Can Dumbbells Build Muscle?

    When most people think about weight lifting, the image they get in mind is one of an Olympic power lifter lifting a barbell adorned with massive weight plates over their head in a quick “clean and jerk” motion.  Of course, many of these lifters have the huge bicep, thigh and chest muscles needed to perform […]

  • What Home Gym Equipment Do I Need?

    Although many people opt for a gym membership, others find these public workout areas intimidating, expensive and inconvenient.  For those who don’t really like public gyms, the fact is that setting up your own home gym doesn’t require a lot of money, space or high tech equipment.  A few basic types of equipment can provide […]

  • Can A Treadmill Help You Run Faster?

    Many people who incorporate running into their fitness regime will use a combination of outdoor running, running on a treadmill and CrossFit training which includes running in place.  All three types of running work the body in different ways and can complement each other when it comes to strength, endurance, and speed.  In this article, […]

  • How To Choose A Home Sauna

    Purportedly invented by the Finnish, what’s known as the modern day sauna has been around for thousands of years.  Fires were used to heat rocks and steam was produced by throwing water on the heated stones.  What’s known as the Finnish sauna still exists today with an electric heater being used to heat the rocks.  […]