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  • Hot Tub Therapy for Fibromyalgia: What Are the Benefits?

    Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that is known for causing extreme pain in muscles and tiredness. The disadvantage sufferers of this disorder face are the inability to use their muscles appropriately and move freely without being in pain. Fibromyalgia is marked by its symptoms of severe burning, aching and stiffness in the muscles. Those experiencing […]

  • How Fitness Helps Mental Health?

    Exercising has always been important. The understanding has always been that it is excellent for our health. Typically, when our wellbeing is discussed, we think of our physical bodies and the ailments that can take a toll on our health. Fitness can have instant and long-term effects, which can improve one’s overall health. Very few […]

  • Can Treadmills Help You Lose Weight?

    When it comes to weight loss, the most common thing discussed is exercise. Although some dread it, exercising is the ideal method for dropping excess pounds. This is true because exercising burns fat and calories. Essentially, the more calories we burn, the more likely we are to lose weight. One of the most revered forms […]

  • Are Treadmills Good for Cardio?

    When the topic of losing weight is brought up during a discussion, typically exercising is addressed. This is because fitness serves a significant role in burning calories and fat. Scorching calories and eliminating fat are the fundamental components of weight loss. However, although many forms of exercise can assist with weight loss, cardio is very […]

  • Are Treadmills Better for Your Knees?

    There is a lot of information surrounding the benefits of working out on a treadmill. It is an excellent form of cardio that can help with weight loss and improve how much fat is burned during your exercise. However, despite its advantages, there are a couple concerns with how it can impact joints. The most […]

  • Improve Your Health While Increasing Your Home Value at the Same Time

    Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Are you purchasing a new home that you are looking to improve the value on? An indoor or outdoor hot tub is an excellent way to help increase your home’s return on investment. Continue to read to learn more about how a hot tub will […]

  • Sports That Will Benefit from Some Hot Tub Therapy

    One of the main uses for hot tubs is the benefits they can provide to hard-working athletes. Many of which incorporate them into their muscle recovery routine. With the warm water, many find that it perfectly helps those sore, tired, and strained muscles. So much so that athletes have been known to go for a […]

  • Who Needs Hot Tub Time in Your Family?

    Families are busier now than ever before. Both parents may be working. Kids are loaded with activities and teens are quickly growing up. Some families are considered lucky if they are able to make the time to eat dinner together. But every once in a while a family does get to share that time together, […]

  • What Are the Benefits of a Morning Soak in Your Hot Tub

    How do you start your day? Is it with a morning jog or cup of coffee? Hot tub owners have a big secret you may want in on, they start their mornings with a good soak. For many, this can seem like a before bed activity, but there are many reasons why a morning soak […]

  • Are Fitness Bands Worth It?

    Most of us would be hard-pressed to make it through a day without noticing someone around us wearing a fitness band. Since 2007, the fitness activity trackers have exploded on the market tracking our steps, heart rate, and weight loss activity. Brand leaders include Fitbit, Nike, Under Armour and Jawbone with many others trying to […]