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  • Which is Better a Treadmill or Exercise Bike?

    When you’re beginning an exercise program, the number of exercises and machines on which to perform them can be bewildering.  It can be hard to tell where to begin, which machine will help you reach your goals the fastest and how to even use them properly.  For the sake of keeping things focused in this […]

  • What are Upright Exercise Bikes?

    When it comes to exercise bikes you may believe they’re all the same.  How wrong you would be!  There are actually a few different types of exercise bikes, of which, upright exercise bikes are only a single style.  You can also get recumbent exercise bikes as well as indoor cycling bikes, or spinning bikes.  In […]

  • Are Home Saunas Safe?

    Home saunas are a popular way to relax.  The elevated temperatures will cause one to sweat while loosening up muscles and increasing blood circulation.  But are home saunas safe?  In this article, we’ll go over some of the possible dangers that might be encountered and how to prevent any ill effects. Overheating Saunas are designed […]

  • How Hot Does a Home Sauna Get?

    Saunas raise both your skin and body temperature which causes you to perspire while also increasing the heart and circulation rates.  But how hot does a home sauna get?  It really depends on the type of sauna you’re using.  There are three main types of sauna:  traditional, infrared and steam saunas.  In this article, we’ll […]

  • Which Spin Bike Should I Buy?

    The recent evolution of spin cycle classes has caused a spike in the number of people looking to buy a stationary bicycle for home exercise.  Using a spin bike is a great way to give yourself a cardiovascular workout while avoiding bad weather, dangerous traffic, and air pollution.  If you’re looking to avoid having to […]

  • Is a Home Sauna Worth It?

    When asking the question, “Is a home sauna worth it?” you also have to ask yourself what your motivations for installing a sauna would be and how much you would use it.  Although nowhere near as expensive as something like a brand-new car, a sauna is quite a large investment – in both money and […]

  • Are Dumbbells Better Than Machines?

    We quite often get asked, “Are dumbbells better than machines?”  Because there is no straight, simple answer to that question, we’ll typically respond with a question of our own.  “What are you trying to accomplish?”  When you know what you’re looking to achieve, the differences between dumbbells and exercise machines is a little easier to […]

  • Will Lifting Dumbbells Increase Muscle Mass?

    For those who lift weights, the customary goal is to increase muscle mass for a more chiseled and cut look.  But do you need a full array of weights to do this?  What if you only have access to dumbbells with relatively light weights?  Can you still increase your muscle mass the same way as […]

  • What Hot Tub Should I Get?

    If you have decided to buy a hot tub, you likely have a number of questions floating around your mind. Out of all the questions, the most important one is “What hot tub should I get?” Making the decision on what hot tub to buy can seem overwhelming at first, especially for new hot tub […]

  • What Is a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub?

    If you have ever wondered what a self-cleaning hot tub is, you certainly are not alone! For many people, the idea of a hot tub or swim spa that that totally cleans itself without any owner help sounds too good to be true. The truth is that to some extent, all hot tubs are considered […]