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What’s the right fitness equipment for you?

So often we are approached by customers who walk into our store with a particular product in mind, rather than fitness goals. This is understandable, as many of our customers are new to the fitness market and some have never stepped foot into a gym. Just like any new product that a customer is searching for, it requires some knowledge not just about the product, but what it is going to do for you and how you will benefit. There are only two aspects of physical fitness; Aerobic & Anaerobic. Aerobic is mostly cardio based fitness, such as running and biking, etc. This type of exercising focuses almost primarily on your heat rate and lung capacity. The physical benefits are calorie burning (which burns fat) and cardio endurance (longer periods of time). Aerobic exercising is very important and should be done as a regularly as possible.

However, there is a recent trend (especially in woman) that forget about Anaerobic exercising. Anaerobic exercising is strength and muscle building. Just as important, but shrinking in popularity because it is more difficult and women are scared that by lifting weights, they will put on bulk (a very popular misconception). It is important for a few reasons; We often see very thin people walking into our store, who are searching for new equipment.