Elliptical Machines

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Elliptical machines are ideal when you want a low-impact, wellness-supporting workout you can do at home. With adjustable resistance, elliptical machines can provide a challenge for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. They will also track your distance, fitness progress, calories burned, and more. Because they provide a very low-impact workout, they’re terrific choices for those suffering from joint, knee, or other lower body pain.

California Spa & Fitness has a large selection of the highest quality elliptical machines in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly model or a fully loaded option, our staff will offer the personalized service you’re looking for and the knowledge you need to make the right choice of fitness equipment.

Visit us today or click below to view our wide variety of elliptical machines:

S1Xi Signature Series

S1Xi Signature Series Elliptical Machine

$2,095.00 $1,295.00

S2Xi Signature Series

S2Xi Signature Series Elliptical Machine

$2,095.00 $1,595.00

S3Xi Signature Series

S3Xi Signature Series Elliptical Machine

$2,795.00 $2,095.00

S5XiB Signature Series

$3,495.00 $2,395.00

EFX 221 Energy Series

EFX 221 Energy Series, Elliptical Machine

$3,095.00 $2,285.00

EFX 222 Energy Series

EFX 222 Energy Series, Precor Elliptical Machine

$4,095.00 $2,795.00

EFX 225 Energy Series

EFX 225 Energy Series, Ellipticals

$4,995.00 $3,295.00

EFX 245 Energy Series

EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical Machine

$4,295.00 $3,895.00

EFX 423 Precision Series

EFX 423 Precision Series Elliptical Machine

$4,595.00 $4,095.00

EFX 425 Precision Series

EFX 425 Precision Series Precor Elliptical

$6,995.00 $4,495.00

EFX® 447 Precision Series

Premium EFX® 447 Gym Elliptical

$8,395.00 $5,195.00

AMT 835 – Adaptive Motion Trainer

AMT 835 Commercial Elliptical


Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
Offer ends Oct 8th