• What is the Biggest Hot Tub Size Available?

    What’s the biggest hot tub on the market? If you’re looking at different hot tubs for your home, you might be asking yourself what sizes are available. The largest option available is a 9-person hot tub, and to take a deeper look at all of the features of a spa of this size, we will

  • What is the Difference Between Above-Ground and In-Ground Hot Tub Installations?

    Choosing how you would like your hot tub installed involves weighing out all your options and different factors that will influence this decision. What is the difference between an in-ground and above-ground hot tub installation, and what are the benefits of each? Here’s what you’ll need to know! How Does an Above-Ground Hot Tub Differ

  • The Depth of Your Hot Tub

    Before you can decide on the best area in your backyard for a hot tub, it’s a good idea to figure out all of the measurements. This includes the hot tub’s length, width, height and depth. Knowing all of these dimensions will help significantly with the beginning of your planning!  For example, if you plan

  • A Swim Spa Compared to a Lap Pool

    You might be wondering what the difference is between a swim spa and a lap pool. Is one better suited for you than the other? Whether you’re a competitive athlete or enjoy working out, either one of these options would be great for you. But here are some things to keep in mind when deciding

  • The Lifespan of a Swim Spa

    While the lifespan of a swim spa can be quite different from person to person, the way you take care of it will ultimately determine how long it lasts. A typical swim spa can last for up to 20 years, and maintaining the cleanliness and good state increases the chances for it to last that

  • What’s the Best Swim Spa?

    Finding the best swim spa on the market depends more on what your idea of perfect is than what others decide. Because what might be great for one person won’t necessarily always be ideal for you. But how do you find the best swim spa for you, and what makes it so? There are many

  • Swim Spa Benefits: How to Swim

    Swim spas make for a beautiful addition to any home because of their compact design and multi-functional use. Whether you’re looking to get a low-impact workout in, an intense swim, or play and have fun, swim spas provide something great for everyone! Using a Swim Spa for the First Time: Depending on your swimming abilities,

  • What are the Costs of a Hot Tub Long Term?

    The cost of maintaining a hot tub long-term includes cleaning, chemicals, electrical usage, and any possible repairs. Although there are many different aspects involved in upkeeping a hot tub, you can do many things to lower your costs long-term. Below, we will provide you with some examples of how to do so.  Cost To Install:

  • How Much Water Does Your Hot Tub Hold?

    Before buying a hot tub, a frequently asked question is how many gallons of water it will hold. Knowing this number is essential for various reasons, and figuring out how much water your hot tub has is determined by aspects like the model, size, shape, etc. Therefore, even if you purchase a 4-person hot tub