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  • What is a Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool?

    When it comes to backyard aquatic exercise and relaxation, swimming pools and hot tubs are probably the most popular categories. Swimming pools are great for exercise, competitive sports and simply goofing off in the water. Hot tubs, on the other hand, seem more in tune with relaxing, soaking sore bones and muscles and releasing build-ups […]

  • Are Hot Tub and Pool Chemicals the Same?

    For people who have been around swimming pools and hot tubs long enough, they may have noticed that although there are distinct categories of swimming pool chemicals and hot tub chemicals, the ingredients in these water additives are nearly the same. Does this mean these chemicals are interchangeable regardless of whether you’re adding them to […]

  • What Causes Hot Tub Bubbles?

    While you may enjoy lots of bubbles when you’re taking a bath, you don’t want your hot tub to be filled with excessive foam. This usually means that your hot tub water is unbalanced, dirty and possibly unhealthy. If you notice that foam and bubbles are persistently accumulating on the water’s surface, it’s time to […]

  • Which Treadmill Company is Best?

    For those who enjoy walking and running, treadmills can revolutionize your workout. No longer will your exercise plans be derailed by bad weather or poor lighting conditions. Using a treadmill will allow you to get in your workout in the comfort of your own home or down at your favourite gym. If you’re deciding to […]

  • Are Outdoor Saunas Waterproof?

    Outdoor saunas are a great way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna with ease of installation that isn’t found with units built inside your home. You won’t have to renovate your house, be inconvenienced by construction or worry about what the heat and humidity might do to your house’s frame. Finnleo outdoor saunas are […]

  • Which Dumbbells are Best, Rubber or Steel?

    When it comes to weightlifting, dumbbells are probably the most common type of weights sold. They’re highly versatile, can isolate various parts of your body and can grow with you as you get stronger. If you’re looking to put together a home gym, starting with a set of dumbbells is a great idea. However, you’ll […]

  • Why is Pool Exercise Preferred to Exercising in a Gym?

    Everyone has their favourite type of workout. For some it’s tying on the skates and hitting the ice, others prefer to go to the gym and pump iron. Still, others would rather lay down a yoga mat and stretch out their body. However, all these workout methods require you to carry the full weight of […]

  • Will a Hot Tub Help a Sprained Ankle?

    For hot tub owners who suffer an injury such as a sprained ankle, they may wonder whether they should use their hot tub to help heal the injury. Will a hot tub help a sprained ankle? The short answer is that yes, a hot tub can be used to help heal a sprained ankle, but […]

  • How to Raise Hot Tub pH?

    Maintaining fresh and clean water in your hot tub requires dealing with some chemical substances. But don’t worry, there’s no need for a degree in chemistry to run a hot tub! But keeping your water chemistry balanced will ensure that soaking in your hot tub is safe, healthy and relaxing. One of the more important […]

  • What is a Hot Tub Blower?

    Most people are quite happy to simply use their hot tub for relaxation while being blissfully ignorant about how it actually works. Other people are more inquisitive and like to understand the inner workings of the appliances and machines that they use. If you’re content with simply getting in your hot tub and relaxing without […]