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  • Knee Rehabilitation Exercises on a Treadmill

    If you have recently had knee surgery or suffered an injury, you may be wondering what knee rehabilitation exercises can be done on a treadmill. Although you may be anxious to return to your former fitness activities, you need to ensure that you take the proper time and precautions to properly recover first. Treadmills are

  • When Is It Time to Replace Your Treadmill?

    How old your treadmill is or how many years of usage it has received is not reason alone to replace it. A quality treadmill can last for many years and withstand frequent usage, however often after a treadmill is over a decade old, it may be difficult to obtain parts for repairs. Some repairs may

  • Which Elliptical Trainers Come with Inline Capability?

    Elliptical machines offer challenging, full body workouts that can be customized to different levels of difficulty by adjusting the resistance and incline levels. These both increase the intensity of your workout, but in different ways. While most elliptical machines have changeable resistance settings, not all come with incline capability. Machines that have incline capability are

  • What Are the Best Elliptical Machines for Smaller Spaces?

    Elliptical machines provide a fantastic full body workout and are the perfect piece of fitness equipment to have in your home to be able to exercise whenever it is convenient for you. Many people have asked what are the best elliptical machines for smaller spaces, as they still want to be able to enjoy the

  • Is Insulation Important in a Hot Tub?

    The whole reason someone wants to buy a hot tub is to be able to relax and enjoy its wonderful therapeutic benefits, not be stuck with a costly utility bill. When you choose an energy efficient, well insulated hot tub, it costs under $1.50 per day to operate – less than a cup of coffee.

  • 5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes to Avoid

    Making the decision to purchase a hot tub is an exciting time, although sometimes people get caught up in their excitement and rush into making a purchase without being fully informed. There are several common hot tub buying mistakes that one could unknowingly fall into which can cause buyer’s remorse. In this article, we will

  • Do I Need to Install Plumbing with My New Hot Tub?

    Deciding to buy a hot tub is an exciting occasion and your whole family will be filled with anticipation for the day that it is scheduled to arrive. Many dealers are asked ‘Do I need to install plumbing with my new hot tub?’ from their customers, and the answer is no. Hydropool hot tubs are

  • What Should I Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub?

    Buying a hot tub is a large investment and you want to make sure that you choose a model that will suit your lifestyle and needs for many years to come. All hot tubs are not created equal and can vary significantly in quality, features, and benefits. When shopping for a hot tub, knowing what