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  • Can You Work Out in a Hot Tub?

    Most people associate hot tubs as a great way to relax but they are also a great tool for keeping fit and performing regular exercise in the comfort of your own home. The heated water helps reduce the likelihood of injury by gently warming the muscles. Exercising in a hot tub is especially ideal for

  • How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters?

    If you have just purchased a hot tub, you are most likely aware that your hot tub filter will require regular cleaning. This is important to ensure that your water remains clean, your hot tub runs as it should and its overall longevity. Many new hot tub owners ask their dealer ‘How do you clean

  • How a Hot Tub Can Help Improve Your Social Life

    By now we all know a hot tub is a great way to improve your physical and mental wellness. However, many people fail to consider how a hot tub can improve their social lives. Hot tubs are not only a place to relax and unwind, but also a wonderful gathering place for family and friends.

  • Choosing Between an Outdoor and Indoor Swim Spa

    Making the decision to invest in a swim spa is an exciting time, however, it can be difficult to choose whether to buy an indoor or outdoor model. Both have unique benefits and in order to make the best decision, you need to carefully consider your needs, how you intend to use it as well

  • Will a Swim Spa Help Arthritis?

    The symptoms of arthritis are a challenging and painful condition to live with. Arthritis sufferers need a way to remain active and flexible and owning a swim spa is an excellent solution. Below, we will discuss a few of the ways that swim spas can help reduce the symptoms and severity of arthritis and the

  • Is a Stationary Bike Low Impact?

    If you are looking to obtain an exercise machine that will provide you with fun and engaging workouts, a stationary bike may be an ideal option. This can be especially true for individuals looking to lose weight and tone their body. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to make a

  • Are Fitness Balls Any Good?

    When it comes to exercise, it is easy to easily become overwhelmed with the options available. From dumbbells, to exercise machines, cardio machines, and strength training exercises, it can almost feel like you need a manual just to get some exercise! This can be especially true when one is just starting out. If you are

  • Are Treadmills Safe During Pregnancy?

    When you become pregnant you may become overwhelmed with questions about your health and what is about to happen to your body. If prior to becoming pregnant you frequently hit the gym, you may be wondering what your future workouts are going to look like. These are all very common concerns but know there are