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  • Can A Hot Tub Sit On Gravel?

    Deciding on a location for your new hot tub can be as difficult as choosing the type of hot tub you want to buy. Finding a location that affords privacy, a pleasant view and an appropriate distance from your house can create somewhat of a predicament. However, one factor that should be kept in mind

  • What Chemicals Do You Need For a Hot Tub Start Up?

    Once your new hot tub has been installed and filled with water, you’ll need to add a regime of chemicals to ensure the water remains clean and safe for use. Because of the warm water and the fact that it’s constantly reused, an untreated hot tub will actually promote the growth of algae, bacteria and

  • Indoor Hot Tub Installation Ideas

    Hot tub dealers have found that once the cold weather arrives they receive many more requests for information regarding the installation of indoor hot tubs. Even though warm water awaits them, many people don’t appreciate the thought of walking through snow to get into a hot tub. And we must say we don’t blame them!

  • Can I Turn Off My Hot Tub When Not In Use?

    Although you very likely love your hot tub dearly, you’ll probably want to leave it behind to get away and take a vacation at some point. This may pose a dilemma for some hot tub owners. What are you supposed to do with the hot tub while you’re away? Are you able to leave it

  • Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

    For many decades it didn’t seem like there could be much improvement over the traditional set of dumbbells when it came to lifting weights. And although kettlebells have existed since 16th century Russia, they didn’t really become popular in North America until very recently. But are kettlebells better than dumbbells? In this article we go

  • Are Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands Better?

    When working out, choosing the right equipment can play just as important a role as the types of exercises you do. When it comes to comparing dumbbells to resistance bands, the result you’re looking for will be a large factor in which type of equipment is better. Other considerations such as convenience, cost and durability

  • Are Home Gyms Worth The Money?

    For those who need to head out to their local gym to get in a workout there’s probably been more than a few occasions where you’ve fantasized about having a home gym. No longer would you need to battle inclimate weather, deal with annoying fellow gym members or wait for a piece of equipment to