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  • What Is Hot Tub pH?

    pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. When it comes to the water in your hot tub, pH levels are one of the most important measurements you will need to keep an eye on. If the pH levels of your hot tub’s water aren’t optimized properly the components of the

  • What Is Hot Tub Stabilizer?

    Although the warm waters of a hot tub are great for relaxing the body and the mind, the same warm waters are also an ideal environment for growing germs, bacteria and algae. Keeping your hot tub clean is important not only for health and safety reasons, but it’ll also make your relaxation spot aesthetically more

  • TRUE Fitness Products Now Available at California Spa & Fitness

    California Spa & Fitness is thrilled to announce that we now carry TRUE fitness products. TRUE has been an industry leader for over three decades, designing and manufacturing durable, innovative fitness equipment that is affordable and easy to use. Today, they are recognized as a global leader in premium fitness machines, for both home or

  • Can Swim Spas Be Put in Ground?

    A common question for potential swim spa buyers is, “Can I put my swim spa in the ground?” The short answer is that yes, swim spas most certainly can be installed in ground. Many people actually decide to go with an in-ground installation because they provide a beautifully landscaped finished look that surrounds their swim

  • Can You Have a Weight Bench Upstairs?

    Different people have several different reasons for working out at home rather than taking out a membership at the local gym. Convenience is usually a major factor since it means you don’t have to head out to the gym to get your workout in. Cost may also play a role as gym memberships are typically

  • Does an Elliptical Trainer Help With Running?

    Elliptical trainers are stationary exercise machines that mimic the motion used by runners, cross-country skiers, and stair climbers. They typically have adjustable resistance levels and may have an option to increase the incline to simulate the act of running or skiing uphill. Many elliptical trainers have handles that move back and forth to mimic the

  • Are Home Multi Gyms Worth It?

    For many people, working out at home is preferable to joining a gym. Acquiring a membership at a gym can be expensive and some membership programs lock you into paying even if you find you don’t end up using it. Other people find it hard to motivate themselves to actually get to the gym for