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  • Are Hot Tub Prices Negotiable?

    As hot tubs are a significant investment, when you are about to buy one, you want to make sure that you are getting a fair price. Often people wonder if hot tub prices are negotiable or if they should plan on bartering like when buying a car. While there can be some leeway on pricing,

  • Can Hot Tub Jets Cause Bruising?

    Do you have sensitive skin? You may have wondered how hot tub jets will affect your skin and if they can cause bruising or pain. Rest assured that it is unlikely a hot tub jet will ever cause bruising, but it is possible the jets can create some discomfort. This can be for a number

  • What are Garden Hot Tubs?

    You may have the term garden hot tub but are unfamiliar with what it means. Simply put, garden hot tubs are outdoor, self-contained portable spas. These can be placed anywhere in your backyard, as long as the surface is both flat and supportive. However, lots of people choose to put their hot tub amid a

  • Are Swim Spas Noisy?

    It isn’t just the times that are changing, but our urban backyards and free time are both shrinking. Making your traditional swimming pool less accessible and swim spas more practical. A common concern when people begin considering a swim spa is how much noise will be produced from the motorized current? In the following article,

  • Can You Lose Weight Bench Pressing?

    Many people start working out in the hopes of losing weight. There are a myriad of exercises you can choose from, but if you’re focused on dropping the pounds, what are the best exercises you can do? Can you lose weight bench pressing? This article will look at bench pressing and the ability of that

  • Can a Treadmill Be Placed on Carpet?

    For people who have purchased their first treadmill, a common question is. “Where should it be placed?” Can a treadmill be placed on a carpet or is it necessary to purchase a specialty mat made specifically for treadmills? This article will go over the common arguments that come to the fore when trying to situate

  • Can I Have a Home Gym Upstairs?

    There can be many reasons for wanting to build a home gym, from the convenience factor to that it will save you the cost of a pricey gym membership. Having all the gear close at hand can also make it harder for you to procrastinate and put off your daily workout. Some people don’t like