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  • Can Hydrotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

    There have been a lot of news stories and headlines proclaiming the all-around benefits of hydrotherapy. Some of these stories include weight loss as one of the benefits of hydrotherapy regimens. The fact is, the amount of weight loss you experience will really depend on what you’re doing in the water. If your idea of

  • What Is A Plug and Play Hot Tub?

    If you often dream of owning a hot tub but get bogged down when thinking about the installation process, then maybe a plug and play hot tub would be right for you. What is a plug and play hot tub? Basically, it’s one that you simply plug into any regular electrical outlet, fill with water

  • Are Swim Spas Hot or Cold?

    Before we answer the question, “Are swim spas hot or cold?” we should go over the basics of what a swim spa is for people who aren’t familiar with the concept. A quick and easy way to describe a swim spa is that it’s a combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. The

  • Can A Hot Tub Be Used as A Pool?

    For a lot of Canadians, being convinced about installing a pool in their backyard can be a tough sell. The fact that it might only get used for 4 months of the year due to the weather is an obvious disincentive. For others, the cost may be the biggest stumbling block. Although not as common,

  • Can an Elliptical Machine Help You Lose Weight?

    With the new year, many people have once again vowed to get healthier and lose some weight. There are many ways to do this, and we often get asked, “Can an elliptical machine help you lose weight?” The fact is, it can! However, the amount of weight you lose will really depend on how you

  • Are Rowing Machines Worth It?

    Although most people are familiar with rowing machines, many may not understand how they work or the type of workout they’ll give your body. That fact is that rowing machines can provide a well-rounded workout completely on their own. You’ll get a good workout of your leg muscles including your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Plus,

  • Are All Weight Plates the Same Size?

    One question that we’ve come across when dealing with people new to the weightlifting scene is, “Are all weight plates the same size?” This question typically comes from people looking to purchase a barbell and some weight plates but aren’t quite sure what’s right for them. That’s only natural. The fact is that there are

  • Will a Treadmill Help Me Lose Weight Fast?

    Treadmills are a popular way of walking and running without having to go outside. This allows people who live in extreme climates to still get their exercise in without having to endure blistering hot or freezing cold temperatures. Although exercise is a prime component of any weight loss program, we often hear the question, “Will