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  • What are Spinning Bikes Best For?

    You may have recently heard of your local gym or community centre offering spinning classes. You may have even heard of a brand-new standalone business offering these same services. But what exactly are spinning classes? You might be relieved to find out that they don’t involve whirling dervishes or extended spells of dizziness caused by

  • Are Treadmills in Miles or Kilometres?

    Many people in the workout world prefer to do their jogging or walking on a treadmill rather than outdoors or on a running track. There can be many reasons for this ranging from dealing with inclement weather, reducing the impact on the knees and other joints or the lack of proper facilities. Whatever the reason

  • Are Elliptical Machines Accurate for Distance?

    Compared with treadmills and stationary bikes, elliptical machines are relative newcomers on the gym workout scene. Marketed as a low impact way to get in an aerobic workout, ellipticals quickly became popular with early adopting joggers, bicyclists, and skiers. Not only do they work the lower body, but they give the upper body something to

  • Can Dumbbells Help You Lose Weight?

    When it comes to weight loss there are as many experts as there are diets. But the fact is that losing weight ultimately comes down to expending more calories than you’re taking in. No one wants to starve themselves to the point of dropping pounds, so the sensible way to lose weight is to increase

  • Can Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

    We’re constantly being told by the media that, on average, we’re more obese than ever. This has led to a multi-billion-dollar industry focused on helping people lose weight. Diets, supplements, exercise programs, and superfoods are just a part of the myriad of solutions provided by those looking to make a quick buck from the most

  • How to Run a Hot Tub Economically

    When deciding on whether to buy a first hot tub, many potential owners are worried about how much it will cost to run. This is a legitimate worry since hot tubs will generally cause an increase in electricity and water bills. But potential owners may be surprised to find that hot tubs aren’t overly expensive

  • How are Swim Spas Heated?

    Swim spas can solve many problems all at once. For those who like to swim laps, but don’t have enough room for a lap pool or full-sized swimming pool, the current generated by the swim spa allows you to get in a workout without the need for a lot of space. If you also like

  • How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use?

    When it comes to major additions to your property such as a swim spa, potential owners can get quite nervous about how much they will cost to run. There’s a good reason for that. A swim spa will obviously increase the amount of water usage around your home. It will also need electricity to heat