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  • Can Dumbbells Be Used Instead of Kettlebells

    For today’s gym user there’s an ever-widening variety of equipment that can be used to help you keep fit. What started out as pushups and sit-ups soon moved onto free weights which eventually morphed into exercise machines. How is a gym goer supposed to keep up? Is all this new equipment necessary? Can you swap

  • Will a Home Gym Help Lose Weight?

    Those who are looking to lose weight but have a tough time getting to the gym for whatever reason can often be found asking the question, “Will a home gym help lose weight?” The fact is, if it’s used properly and combined with a healthy diet, a home gym can be a great way to

  • Will Treadmill Help Lose Cellulite?

    Cellulite has a bad reputation. Affecting women more often than men, this condition of the skin is usually located around the buttocks and thigh areas. It causes the skin to have a bumpy appearance with a texture that’s similar to an orange peel It’s thought to affect women more often due to differences in fat

  • How to Use a Pool Year Round

    For those of us who live in areas that get cold winters (isn’t that all of us?) the idea of outdoor swimming all year round isn’t really an option. Or is it? We’re all familiar with those who like to soak in their hot tub in the depths of winter, but is it possible to

  • How Exercise Pools Work?

    If you’re an avid swimmer you’ve probably often dreamed of owning your own swimming pool. But maybe you don’t have enough space, or possibly the cost is just a little overwhelming. You may have also been tempted by a hot tub, but don’t like the fact that they can be so tiny and don’t give

  • What Pool Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

    For those who have access to a swim spa and are looking to lose weight, trying to figure out the most effective exercises can be a bit of a trial and error game. It’s well known that swimming and other underwater exercises are great for those with joint problems and balance issues. An added bonus

  • What’s the Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa?

    If you have any interest in hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis and other tanks of warm water used for recreational or hydrotherapy purposes you may have noticed there’s a lot of interchangeability among the various names for these small pools. What’s the difference between hot tub and spa? Is a Jacuzzi the same thing or something

  • Will a Treadmill Help Sciatica?

    As a leader in the treadmill market, we often get asked all sorts of questions regarding various body ailments and how they might be affected by using a treadmill. The focus of this article is will treadmill help sciatica. We’ll go over the definition of sciatica, how walking on a treadmill can help and what