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  • Where to Put a Hot Tub in a Garden?

    The arrival of an outdoor hot tub should be a joyous occasion. Seeing the large bundle on the back of a flatbed truck in front of your house will have you eagerly anticipating the warm, massaging waters that hot tubs are so well known for. But before you get to this anticipatory stage, a lot

  • What is the Best Outdoor Hot Tub?

    Buying a new hot tub can be an exciting, but overwhelming situation to be in. You can envision the warm, swirling waters, but before that can be realized you have to part with thousands of dollars. Buying the right hot tub can be fraught with indecision, confusion and the fear of making the wrong choice.

  • How Many Weight Plates for Home Gym?

    For those who are taking their weightlifting more seriously, having a set of weight plates at home begins to make more and more sense. Not only will you save time and money from going to and from the gym, you’ll be able to lift weights whenever the fancy strikes you. This could be between periods

  • How Heavy Should My Dumbells Be for Toning?

    Dumbbells are a great way to sculpt and tone muscles in your arms. But many people, quite often women, are looking for their gym workout to simply tone their arm muscles rather than growing, bulky bodybuilder type muscles. This will come down to the frequency of exercises and the weight that you’re lifting. If you’re

  • Will a Rowing Machine Bulk Me Up?

    Rowing machines have become a very popular piece of equipment in both home and commercial gyms. Touted as a gym machine that leads to an overall body workout, rowing machines are great for cardiovascular fitness and building strength. But will a rowing machine bulk me up? The fact is that rowing machines shouldn’t be your