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  • Exercise for Weight Loss – The At-Home Essentials

    Since local gyms and community centres have been closed due to the pandemic induced lockdown, fitness buffs have had to reassess their exercise situations. No longer is it possible to nip down to the gym and pass an hour on an industrial sized stair climber, treadmill or elliptical machine. But when a routine workout is

  • Gyms May be Reopening, But I Won’t Rushing Back any Time Soon

    With the Coronavirus lockdown affecting almost every aspect of our lives, regular gym goers are just one small segment of the population that has seen the need for reassessment of their pre-pandemic routine. It can be seen in the increase in the number of joggers and cyclists on the road, in the expansion of the

  • How to Build a Gym at Home

    Even though public gyms may be reopening where you live, the fact is that many people aren’t ready to fully embrace the easing of lockdown just quite yet. Working out at home, however, is still an option that will allow you to keep fit while ensuring you aren’t accidentally exposed to the Coronavirus. If you’re

  • Tips for Exercising at Home

    Even though we’re all affected by lockdown, there’s still plenty of evidence that people need and crave their exercise. Without access to public gyms or community centres, the number of joggers, cyclers and online class followers has exploded. Whether you’re a long term fitness buff or you feel the need to get started doing something,

  • Bring the Gym to You: The Best Equipment for Exercising at Home

    Even though we’ve been through a lockdown and gyms have been closed to the public for months, there’s obviously still great demand for exercise options. If the increase in joggers and walkers on the street aren’t evidence enough, check out the number of views some of the online fitness coaches have been getting. People still

  • Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

    In a game of word association, the phrase “hot tub and swim spa” will immediately conjure up the response of “party” by the majority of players. And why wouldn’t it? Hot tubs and swim spas become the focal point of any backyard and you’ll find that your family and friends naturally gather around them. But

  • Making Your Backyard Your Private Resort

    Whether it’s due to social restrictions or your own personal preference, making your backyard your private resort can be a luxury dream in the making. Just imagine, instead of having to find the resort, pay the money and wait for some far off future date, you can simply open your back door and arrive in

  • The Perfect Year Round Pool in Your Backyard

    A common excuse used by Canadians when asked why they don’t install a swimming pool in their backyard is the fact that we spend half the year or more in sub-zero weather. For many it’s hard to justify the cost and effort required by an outdoor swimming pool when it can only be used for

  • Are Kettlebells a Good Workout?

    Although they’ve been used by Russian strongmen since the 19th century, kettlebells have only recently started to gain popularity in the West. However, if you’re starting a home gym, they can be a cost-effective alternative to other options. Because a single kettlebell can provide a wide range of exercise options, it can be a much