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  • What are the Basic Steps of Aerobics?

    Most people have probably heard of aerobics, but many of them might not actually know what they are. Aerobics typically refers to a type of exercise that utilizes rhythmic movements, flexibility training, and strength training to improve cardiovascular fitness. Quite often aerobics are performed in a group setting with an instructor and accompanying music, although

  • What is the Best Ab Machine for Home Use?

    When it comes to signs that someone is taking their workouts seriously, certain physical attributes are often noticed first. Muscular biceps are one of these iconic indicators. The second most-often recognized physical attribute of an athlete? The 6 pack or washboard abdominals. And while strengthening your stomach muscles can be done by performing sit-ups and

  • What is the Average Life of a Hot Tub?

    Let’s face it. Buying a hot tub involves many important decisions. Not only is a hot tub a big-ticket item, but it’s also a luxury purchase. The money you allocate towards a hot tub could, ostensibly, be used for something much more utilitarian. And it’s highly doubtful your world will stop functioning if you don’t

  • How Can You Get More Use from Your Hot Tub During the Summer?

    It’s been found that Canadians use their backyard hot tub during the winter more than any other season. And why not?!? Is there anything better than dealing with a long winter’s day than coming home and soaking in 40-degree water while snowflakes float around your ears? We think not. But what about the warmer months

  • 4 Stunning Ways to Incorporate a Hot Tub into Your Backyard

    Without some deliberate forethought, a hot tub can actually be a very unattractive feature in a backyard. If you consider the appearance of an unadorned hot tub, it’s simply a fibreglass casing with a bunch of piping running around it. On their own, they’re not the most eye-pleasing appliances on the market. But with a

  • Can You Get COVID-19 From Swimming Pool Water?

    There’s no doubt that the current pandemic has irrevocably changed our lives. Things that we once considered commonplace are now thought of as risky and may even be forbidden. Going to a gym, going out for dinner, or taking an international vacation are now thought of in a completely different way. But what about your