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  • What’s the Difference Between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike?

    If you’re in the market for an indoor bike you’ve probably come across at least a few different types. Although this can lead to some confusion, there’s no need to worry – this is where we can help you out.  What’s the difference between spin bike and exercise bike? What about recumbent bikes? We’ve put […]

  • Is an Exercise Bike as Good as Walking?

    For those looking for an effective, low impact exercise that can be done on a regular basis, many choose activities such as walking or riding an exercise bike. Both are considered a moderate physical activity and are recommended by most health authorities to be performed several times per week.  Is an exercise bike as good […]

  • How Long Should You Sit in a Sauna

    For those who are new to the world of saunas, they may have questions about how they should be properly used. For example, how long should you sit in a sauna? There’s an old Finnish saying that simply states that you should stay in the sauna until you’ve become hot enough. And while this may […]

  • What is Better After a Workout – Steam Room or Sauna?

    Relaxing always seems to feel better after a tough workout. Allowing your muscles to rest while soaking up the post workout endorphin glow is one of the reasons so many people find physical exercise so pleasurable. But what about adding a steam room or sauna session to your post workout routine? Can spending some time […]

  • Are Swim Spas Good for Exercise?

    When it comes to keeping fit, exercising in the water is a great way to increase mobility, reduce the chances of injury, and keep one focused on your workout goals.  Are swim spas good for exercise? Absolutely! Swim spas can allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises than you might have thought possible. […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Anxiety?

    Life is complicated enough as it is. Then throw in a global pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and political uncertainty and it’s no wonder that we’re all probably feeling a little more anxious these days. And while drug manufacturers and alcohol producers may purport to have the antidote to our woes, most of us understand that […]

  • Are Hot Hubs Easy to Install?

    Buying a new hot tub is an exciting event. However, now that you’ve made your purchase (or at least decided you’re going to make the purchase) you’re probably wondering about what it will take to get it installed and up and running.  Are hot tubs easy to install? It’s not an overly complicated process as […]

  • Are Hot Tubs a Good Investment?

    When they first think of a hot tub many people imagine self-indulgent soaks, fun-filled social gatherings with friends and family, a place to unwind after a busy working week or a nice, relaxing daily dip. However, for those considering the purchase of a hot tub, secondary thoughts may turn to cost, upkeep, and value for […]