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  • Do You Need Plumbing for Hot Tub?

    If you’re new to the hot tub scene, it’s only natural that you’ll have questions about how they work and how easy they are to install.  Of course, you want to get your new hot tub up and running as soon as possible, so it’s good to know if there are any initial preparations that […]

  • How Many Gallons in a Swim Spa?

    For those who truly love swimming, public swimming pools can start feeling like they’re more hassle than they’re worth.  You have to pay every time you want to go for a swim and you’re limited as to when you’re able to use it.  Having a swimming pool on your own property may be incredibly more […]

  • How Much Electricity Do Swim Spas Use?

    With lockdowns, closure of public facilities and self-isolation orders, people have become much more interested in getting their exercise done at home.  For those who love swimming, access to the local swimming pool may not even be currently possible.  And being in the middle of winter, installing a full size outdoor pool doesn’t provide an […]

  • How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Swim Spa?

    With the introduction of lockdowns, stay at home orders and the closing of public gyms, many people are investing in home exercise equipment.  Swim spas are very popular because they don’t require a lot of space and they can be run all year round.  But after the initial expenditure, how much does it cost to […]

  • What Is the Best Flooring for a Home Gym?

    More of us are working out from home these days.  Replicating the public gym environment may not be easy, but there are certain things that you can do that will protect your home from work out associated wear and tear.  Protecting your floor is one of them.  So, what is the best flooring for a […]

  • How Hot Is a Steam Room?

    When it comes to heat therapy, many people are familiar with hot tubs and saunas.  They may not be as familiar with steam rooms.  As opposed to bathing in the hot water of a hot tub or sitting in the dry heat of a sauna, a steam room’s heat is generated by boiling water and […]

  • Can You Lose Weight in a Steam Room?

    Steam rooms are notable for their high humidity.  Because the heat created in a steam room comes from steam generated by boiling water, the relative humidity in a steam room can reach 100%.  The wet heat produced by a steam room means that it’s more difficult to bear higher temperatures that are typically found in […]

  • How to Get the Most Out of Infrared Sauna

    You couldn’t be blamed if you envisioned a cedar encased box with a lava rock heater perched in the corner if you were asked about a sauna.  But there’s since been a revolution in sauna design.  It’s the advent of the infrared sauna.  While traditional saunas may date back several thousand years, infrared saunas are […]