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  • How to Use Resistance Bands

    While most of us are familiar with free weights for resistance training, they do have some drawbacks. They’re large, bulky and relatively expensive. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to throw them into your suitcase when you travel – especially if you’re paying for your luggage by weight. For a far cheaper and more lightweight alternative,

  • Do Stair Climbers Give a Good Home Workout?

    With public gyms going through cycles of being opened and closed, many of us have turned to home gyms for our workout needs. And while treadmills and exercise bikes are what we often think of when we envision home exercise machines, stair climbers are also very effective at keeping the body moving while keeping the

  • Are Treadmills Good for a Total Body Workout?

    Treadmills are known for allowing walkers and runners to complete their favourite exercises indoors. But treadmills are often criticized for focusing solely on a lower body workout. Are treadmills good for a total body workout? Used properly, they can be. You’ll just need to expand on the typical walking or running workout associated with treadmill

  • What Age Can a Child Get in a Hot Tub?

    Hot tubs are well known for being a place where family and friends can gather. But there are obvious safety concerns, especially when it comes to the younger members of your social circle. What age can a child get in a hot tub is a question often asked by those responsible for infants or young

  • Why are Hot Tubs so Expensive?

    A hot tub can be a significant investment. They’re large appliances with several operating components that typically don’t come cheap. Why are hot tubs so expensive? The fact is that you can pretty much spend as much or as little as you want on a hot tub. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

  • How to Install a Hot Tub?

    When we think of hot tubs, our minds often turn to relaxing soaks in warm bubbling water. Or maybe lounging with family and friends in and around the hot tub as burgers grill on the barbecue. Or possibly even relieving aches and pains caused by overwork or chronic disease. However, very seldom does thinking about

  • How Heavy is a Hot Tub?

    Deciding to purchase your first hot tub can be a joyous event. We remember, we’ve been there! But if you’re anything like us, the questions you have about hot tubs will only begin to multiply. What initially starts off as dreamy visions of relaxing in the warm, bubbly water soon turn into serious questions about