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  • How Frequently Should a Swim Spa Filter be Changed?

    Typically, a swim spa’s filter should be changed every 6 to 12 months; however, this will depend on various factors. Aspects like the number of people who use it, how often it’s being run, etc., will all factor into this timeframe. Other things like the type of cover you have and any rainwater, dirt or

  • Why is there a Shortage of Hot Tubs?

    When the pandemic hit, everything around the world was affected in one way or another. When looking at the hot tub and spa industry, the production was less, and the demand became more. Because so many people were unable to travel, creating an oasis at home was the next best thing for most of us.

  • What is the Difference Between a Single Shell or Modular Swim Spa?

    There are endless options for spas on the market that come in various makes, models, designs, shapes, sizes, and more. But what is the difference between a modular swim spa and a single shell swim spa? In order to figure out which one’s the best fit for your home, it’s important to weigh the pros

  • Easing Aches and Pains with a Swim Spa

    Are you looking for a simple yet effective form of easing aches and pains? A swim spa is an incredible way to do just that, as it provides endless benefits and opportunities to improve your overall health and wellness. But how does a swim spa work? How a Swim Spa Eases Aches and Pains The

  • Using a Swim Spa or Tether to Swim

    Have you considered all of the benefits of a swim spa but aren’t sure how swimming in one would exactly work? When it comes to swim spas, the various jet options create a perfect swimming environment. But what is the difference between using a tether and swimming in a swim spa? Swimming in a Swim

  • How Much Water Does a 6-Person Spa Hold?

    Every spa is unique in its size, shape, design, model, and make, and all of these factors influence how much water content it will hold. But how much water does a 6-person hot tub hold, and how can you find out how many gallons is in your spa or hot tub? Below, we’ll provide everything

  • What is the Biggest Hot Tub Size Available?

    What’s the biggest hot tub on the market? If you’re looking at different hot tubs for your home, you might be asking yourself what sizes are available. The largest option available is a 9-person hot tub, and to take a deeper look at all of the features of a spa of this size, we will

  • What is the Difference Between Above-Ground and In-Ground Hot Tub Installations?

    Choosing how you would like your hot tub installed involves weighing out all your options and different factors that will influence this decision. What is the difference between an in-ground and above-ground hot tub installation, and what are the benefits of each? Here’s what you’ll need to know! How Does an Above-Ground Hot Tub Differ