3 Tips to Take Your Rowing to the Next Level

As rowing becomes a more popular fitness activity, more and more people are investing in rowing machines. Because many of us didn’t grow up using these machines, we still have a few things to learn.

Below you’ll learn our top 3 tips for taking your rowing to the next level and getting the body benefits you’re looking for.

Proper Stroke Form

Having proper form during your rowing stroke is essential to getting the physical rewards of using a rowing machine. A great way to think about proper rowing technique is to remember that while you pull, you should use your legs for power, followed by your body and finally with our arms.

Start by sitting with your legs extended. Engage your core muscles and sit up straight. Pull the handle in toward the area just above your ribs. Then, extend your arms, bending slightly but keeping your chest upright until your shoulders are in front of your hips.

At this point, you have reached the front of the stroke. Relax your knees and slide forward so your knees are bent and your seat is close to your feet. Use your thigh and hip muscles to push off the footplate. Extend your legs and keep the motion consistent by pulling your upper body backward while pulling the handle toward your chest.

Find a Comfortable Pace

Pacing on a rowing machine can be difficult. The harder you pull, the more resistance the flywheel experiences, which makes the rowing motion much harder. Many people pull as hard as they can on the handle, only to find that they are worn out very quickly. Instead, experiment with different resistances. Start with a goal of 10 minutes and move up to 30 minutes as you improve. The pace you choose should allow you to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up without feeling impossible.

Use Your Legs and Core

A final technique tip for rowing is to make sure you’re using your core abdominal muscles and your legs. A strong back is essential for running and if you engage your core, your body will be properly positioned to deliver the most power. Pay attention to your posture during your workout and make sure to avoid leaning back too far or reaching too far forward.

With these simple tips, your rowing form should improve along with your results. To learn more about fitness equipment that can transform your body this summer, download our monthly promotion and save.

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