Are Home Gyms Worth The Money?

For those who need to head out to their local gym to get in a workout there’s probably been more than a few occasions where you’ve fantasized about having a home gym. No longer would you need to battle inclimate weather, deal with annoying fellow gym members or wait for a piece of equipment to become available for use. But how do you prevent shelling out a whole lot of money for a bunch of exercise gear that you might never use? In this article we’ll go over some tips to make sure you can set up a home gym that’s worth the money.

Location, Location, Location

Where you set up your home gym will play a role in how likely you are to use it. If you’re like most, it’ll end up in your unfinished basement that’s probably damp, cold and uninviting. Not only does this decrease the likelihood that you’ll want to go down there, but it will also follow the old saying of “out of sight, out of mind.” To combat this, try setting your gym up in a bright, naturally lit room in an area of your house that you frequent. This might be a guest bedroom or even your kitchen or living room. For better results, try integrating your gym into your everyday living area.

Buy Equipment You’ll Use

There’s no sense in buying a bench press set up if you hate lifting weights. Similarly, if you’d rather do your walking or running outdoors, shelling out for an elliptical machine is probably not the best use of your money. Try to buy equipment in which there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy using. Maybe a stationary bike or a rowing machine is a better investment than a set of free weights or a treadmill. You might even find that something like a simple skipping rope is the best investment you’ll ever make. Understand what exercises make you tick and you’ll be far better off than just going for whatever the latest trend may be.

Create A Schedule And Stick To It

Part of going to the gym is that it becomes part of your routine. You know that on certain days at a certain time you gather your workout clothes, throw them in your gym bag and head to the gym. It becomes even more important to create a routine when it comes to using a home gym. Your home has many distractions so it becomes very easy to ignore your gym equipment and carry on with whatever other activity seems more appealing at the moment. If you have a set routine, you’ll find it easier to resist the distractions and get down to work.

Keep It Interesting

It can be easy to become bored with your workout routine. This can be fatal to regular exercise, so ensure you keep the program interesting. If you react well to challenges, keep track of your progress and continually strive to improve. Try to vary your sessions with new equipment, different intensities and different exercises. Don’t allow your workout to become monotonous and you’ll find that home gyms are worth the money.

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