Are Home Multi Gyms Worth It?

For many people, working out at home is preferable to joining a gym. Acquiring a membership at a gym can be expensive and some membership programs lock you into paying even if you find you don’t end up using it. Other people find it hard to motivate themselves to actually get to the gym for a workout. Also, some people just don’t feel comfortable working out in front of other, much more fit people. Whatever your reasons for deciding to work out at home, one obstacle you’ll have to overcome is acquiring the equipment you need to perform your fitness regime. You may have asked yourself, “Are home multi gyms worth it?” or wonder if you should buy individual pieces of equipment instead.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the advantages of buying a home multi gym as well as some of the features they offer so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Space Saving

One advantage of home multi gyms is that they tend to take up much less space than home gyms composed of individual pieces. Many home multi-gyms are composed of a single tower with a small footprint that can easily fit in the corner of a room. Compare that to the space needed for a full set of dumbbells, a weight bench, barbells, chin up bar and more and you may find that a compact home multi gym looks neater and fits your lifestyle much better.


If you tend to workout on your own, a major benefit of using a multi gym is the safety factor. Working solo with free weights can be dangerous, especially if you’re using heavy weights. A slip, miscalculation or attempt to lift too much can end up with a barbell falling on you, trapping you or causing injury. Multi gyms, on the other hand, are limited in their range of motion and will never fall to the floor or trap you if you attempt to lift a weight above your ability. Not only will your body be safe, but your floor will as well. As an added safety component, most multi gym systems are typically padded as well.

Ready To Go

When using a home multi gym, it’s always ready to go. If you need to change the weight or tension, all it takes is the simple movement of a key or twist of a dial. When you’re using free weights changing the plates can become such an ordeal that it may hinder your will to begin in the first place.

Complete Body Workout

A single unit, home multi gym is able to give your entire body a workout with a wide range of exercises available. As opposed to a free weight system, a good multi gym unit will allow you to perform almost every exercise you can think of and work out every part of your body.

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