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Are Home Saunas any Good?

Although saunas are nowhere near as popular here as they are in Finland (it’s been reported that there are over 2 million saunas in Finland, a country that has a national population of just over 5 million,) there are several arguments for using them on a regular basis.  Having a sauna in your home or backyard makes its use quite convenient and allows you to reap the benefits of regular heat baths.  Are home saunas any good?  Check out this list and come to your own conclusion.

Lengthen Your Lifespan

Over time more and more studies have come out that suggest that regular use of a sauna results in a longer lifespan.  This benefit isn’t found to occur in those who use a sauna every so often, but it’s been found that spending time in a sauna more than four times a week has more benefits than using it a couple of times a week or less.  Finnish studies have found that the risk of heart problems is reduced the more often a sauna is used.  And when there’s a sauna in your basement or backyard it’s much easier to use it several times a week.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

It was found in 2014 that almost 18% of Canadians have high blood pressure.  In the United States that number is even higher where it’s thought that as many as a third of all Americans exhibit high blood pressure levels.  Using a sauna on a regular basis has been found to improve the function of blood vessels and strengthen the heart muscles which helps lower blood pressure.

Reduce Your Stress Levels and Improve Your Mood

Using a sauna has been found to release endorphins which help reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.  Although it may seem counterintuitive, the intense heat of a sauna creates stress in the body.  To counteract this body, stress the mind releases endorphins.  This can be a one-time benefit, but it’s also been found that regular use of the sauna has a compound effect on mood and stress levels resulting in a therapeutic antidepressant effect.

Allow Yourself to Breathe Easier

The hot air of saunas is great for those who suffer from bronchitis, asthma and other inflammations of the throat or nasal passages.  Because of the heat, sauna air is close to sterile which allows those with breathing problems to breathe easier.  It’s also been found that those who use a sauna on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from colds.

Clear Up Your Complexion

Using a sauna helps your skin by opening up your pores and causing you to sweat.  This releases toxins from just below the skin’s surface leading to cleaner, fresher skin.  Heat also increases blood circulation and collagen production which are both important for supple skin.  Increased blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin while collagen production promotes the regeneration of the skin cells.

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