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Are Home Saunas Expensive to Run?

You wake up early and rush off to work. It is back to back meetings and you eat lunch at your desk. As people start to trickle out of the office, does your mind wander to your evening plans? For some, it may include hours in front of the television, while others will continue into the night with their to-do list. Instead, be a leader in the pack by rewarding yourself with some much-deserved relaxation in your own home sauna.

Woh there! Aren’t home saunas expensive to run? Not only do saunas require little maintenance but you can run your own at a very cost-effective price. Calculating your estimated price is much easier than you might think, just take a look below.

What Costs Should I Expect?

We have listed a few factors that you should consider below. Please note, these are the costs you will encounter when you are regularly using your sauna after it has been installed. Installing, set-up, and moving your sauna costs are not mentioned, but still very affordable.


The main costs of running your sauna will come from electrical. Most households will run a 6Kw heater for their sauna or steam room. In order to calculate the costs, let’s assume the average home electricity rate is 12p/kW hour. For someone who uses their sauna daily for 30 minutes can expect to pay an electricity cost of $1.35 per day. Translated, that is about $40.60 each month!

This is the daily rate too. While spending some time in your sauna daily can benefit your health, it may be unlikely for you and your lifestyle for this to be a daily activity. So simply multiply the per day rate by the number of times you estimate you will be using your sauna each month. This method can also be used if you are trying to keep your costs even lower.


Maintenance is another necessary cost but is going to be rather inexpensive still. Your sauna or steam room is much more likely to last longer if you provide regular maintenance check-ups. This can make all the difference between a 5-year sauna and a 20-year sauna. We suggest scheduling your check-up every 6 – 12 months. This check-up will ensure all parts are working correctly and catch any potential future issues. The average cost for a maintenance check is $291.48. However, this can differ based on your area.


 Another expense you may have to anticipate is breakage. Sometimes elements can snap due to improper use, zealous water application (something to consider if the sauna is for commercial use), or simply wearing down over time. While more common in commercial settings, private saunas can encounter these costs as well. It is rare, so you should aware but not concerned too much about this cost.

If the need were to arise, you can expect to spend between $100 – $175 on each element. Again, this is a rare occurrence.

That sums up the costs of a home sauna. Is it much less than you expected? The costs mentioned will bring you under $43 per month, plus the occasional maintenance visit or element needing to be replaced. This estimate also assumes daily use, making home saunas an extremely affordable way for anyone to relax.

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