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Are Home Saunas Safe?

Home saunas are a popular way to relax.  The elevated temperatures will cause one to sweat while loosening up muscles and increasing blood circulation.  But are home saunas safe?  In this article, we’ll go over some of the possible dangers that might be encountered and how to prevent any ill effects.


Saunas are designed to increase the temperature of the surface of your skin as well as your core body temperature.  If you stay in a sauna too long you can end up overheating and possibly end up losing consciousness.  Children and the elderly are more prone to overheating and should limit their time in saunas.  Pregnant women and infants shouldn’t use them at all.   Alcohol and medications can also increase the chance of overheating, so care needs to be if drinking or taking medications such as antihistamines, diuretics, beta blockers, and sedatives.  Keep your time in the sauna to less than 20 minutes (10 minutes for children and the elderly) and exit immediately if feeling light headed.


Sauna users quite often sweat more than they even realize.  Dry sauna air can cause perspiration to evaporate immediately giving the illusion that sweating isn’t even occurring.  This can lead to dehydration which may cause an imbalance in electrolytes.  To prevent this from occurring, make sure to drink water before and after using the sauna.

Cardiovascular Problems

Those with who have suffered a recent heart attack, have heart problems or high blood pressure should seek the advice of a doctor before using a sauna.  The heat can increase the heart rate by as much as 30% as well as increasing blood pressure.  The practice of submerging oneself in cold water or a snowbank after using a sauna should also be avoided if you suffer from cardiovascular problems.  If you experience shortness of breath or chest pains, you should leave the sauna immediately.


Those who are overweight should also consult a doctor before using a sauna.  Obesity can make it hard for the body to control its internal temperature and too much time spent in a sauna will only exacerbate the problem.  Once again, limit your time in the sauna and get out if you feel faint, short of breath or experience chest pains.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants can be dangerous in infrared saunas as they are known to readily absorb far infrared rays.  This can cause irregular heating of the area of the implant and potentially result in a burn.  Exit the sauna if you start feeling discomfort.

Skin Conditions

Many people find that saunas can actually improve skin condition.  On the other hand, there are cases where using a sauna can worsen a skin condition.  Although this is something that can be discussed with a doctor, you’ll need to keep an eye on this yourself to see what effect a sauna has you on your skin.

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