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Are Outdoor Saunas Waterproof?

Outdoor saunas are a great way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna with ease of installation that isn’t found with units built inside your home. You won’t have to renovate your house, be inconvenienced by construction or worry about what the heat and humidity might do to your house’s frame. Finnleo outdoor saunas are quickly put together on your property and will be fully operational in no time at all. Are outdoor saunas waterproof? Finnleo outdoor saunas most certainly are. With insulated roof kits that are pre-shingled or ready to be shingled by you, you’ll have a secure sauna covering over your head. Finnleo outdoor saunas can also come with built-in waterproof floors. Read more to find out about the different models available.

Finnleo Patio Saunas

The Patio model of Finnleo saunas are freestanding units that are easily assembled and can be ready to use shortly after delivery. The panel construction makes assembly quick and simple while still being strong and durable. Their small size means they can be installed virtually anywhere and also means they’re completely portable. The Patio saunas are built on cedar runners and come with a built-in, waterproof flooring system. The roof is fully insulated and can be purchased with or without shingles. The exteriors are composed of cedar while the interiors are comprised of spruce.

Finnleo Summit Saunas

Finnleo Summit saunas have a small footprint that allows them to be installed virtually anywhere. The smaller model is four feet by six feet while the larger model is five feet by seven feet. The wall and ceiling panels are pre-built allowing for ease of construction. The roof is composed of two easy to install panels which includes a waterproof metal roofing material. The sauna is built on to cedar runners and has a built-in, waterproof vinyl floor. Both the exteriors and interiors are composed of hemlock.

Finnleo Summit Saunas

The outdoor Summit saunas are the premium Finnleo line which are perfect if you have a swimming pool or you’re located close to a lake. Most of the Summit models are large enough to include a changing room which perfectly complements any outdoor swimming activities. A shower and toilet can also be added to the Metro models which will reduce wear and tear on your house caused by people tracking in water from the pool or lake. The roof and walls are insulated, finished on both sides and are constructed to be easily put together. Metro saunas have a cedar exterior and Nordic spruce tongue and groove interior. There are four different sizes available so you can choose a model that fits your property perfectly. 

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