Are Treadmills in Miles or Kilometres?

Many people in the workout world prefer to do their jogging or walking on a treadmill rather than outdoors or on a running track. There can be many reasons for this ranging from dealing with inclement weather, reducing the impact on the knees and other joints or the lack of proper facilities. Whatever the reason for using a treadmill, users typically like to know how far they’ve gone during each session. That said, are treadmills in miles or kilometres?

Changing Treadmill Settings

Most treadmills give the user the option of measuring distance in either miles or kilometres. Whatever your preferred measurement, you should be able to set the display panel to exhibit one or the other. As each treadmill manufacturer will have different ways of setting up your display panel, if you want to change the readout, it’s best to consult with the owner’s manual to find out how your particular model works. Simply follow the instructions for changing the settings.

Distance Measure on Treadmills

You should understand that the distance measured and displayed on a treadmill may not be an exact science. The distance your treadmill display says you’ve gone may not be the actual distance travelled. This can be important if you’re training for a distance event and are pacing yourself according to what your treadmill is telling you. Some treadmills have been found to be up to 40 metres short for every kilometre travelled – or 120 feet for every mile. If you’re training for a marathon, these seemingly small distances will definitely add up!

Treadmills Versus Outdoor Running

You should also realize that running on a treadmill is quite different than running outdoors or running on a track. Treadmill running is typically easier. The belt that you’re running on provides a cushioning effect that’s easier on your knees and joints. You’ll also find that it’s easier to keep a steady pace on a treadmill. When running on the ground your stride can be affected by the terrain, running surface and climate. Using the incline function on a treadmill will create a much more uniform climb than running up an actual hill.

Treadmills for Improved Fitness

Even though there may be some drawbacks in using a treadmill if you are training for an outdoor race, the fact is that you will still be working the necessary muscle groups while giving yourself a good cardiovascular workout. You might not want to depend too much on the distance displayed by a treadmill. Or you should at least complement your treadmill workouts with others that have a verified distance calculated, such as a running track. That said, if you’re not training for some sort of event, the treadmill is a perfectly good way to get in a good workout without having to worry about the weather or other variable outdoor conditions.

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