What Are the Best Elliptical Machines for Smaller Spaces?

Elliptical machines provide a fantastic full body workout and are the perfect piece of fitness equipment to have in your home to be able to exercise whenever it is convenient for you. Many people have asked what are the best elliptical machines for smaller spaces, as they still want to be able to enjoy the challenging workout that they provide even if they do not have a large area to dedicate to a home gym.

There are many different sizes and styles of elliptical machines that can easily fit into a small car for transportation and not take up much space in apartments or small rooms. Many models are now entirely portable and can fold away in a few simple clicks for easy storage, such as under a bed or in a closet.

At California Spa and Fitness, we have two featured ellipticals that are designed for smaller spaces and still provide an excellent low impact, home workout. Some fold away or portable machines are very limited in their features, but not these models. They are designed with multiple settings and features to adjust the difficulty level and will track your fitness progress, calories burned and number of strides.

Here is an in-depth look at two of our top space saving elliptical machines:

BH Signature Series S5XiB

This model is exceptional, especially if your living space has low ceilings, such as basement apartments. At its full step up height, the machine is still under 8 feet and features a 20.5″ stride length.

Designed to provide as low impact of a workout as possible, the BH Signature Series S5XiB is built with a very durable upper front drive that creates a virtually silent workout.
The machine is equipped with a 6.5” LCD monitor which measures distance, calories burned, resistance and pulse. Your smartphone or tablet can be connected to the console via Bluetooth to play music or sync any fitness app that you frequently use.

BH Signature Series S3Xi

The S3Xi is an excellent choice for those seeking an elliptical that can fit into a tight space. The machine has a full 20.5″ stride length, yet only a 7.75″ height, making it perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. This elliptical is packed with features including the i.Concept console, which can be paired with Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or tablet for entertainment, sync apps or track your fitness progress. Another feature that many apartment users enjoy is the front drive design which reduces noise levels.

No matter what your living space is, there is an elliptical machine that is compact enough to comfortably fit into your home and still provide a challenging, effective workout. Elliptical trainers work both the upper and lower body, providing a complete cardiovascular workout with a smooth, seamless motion. One of their major benefits is how low impact the exercise is for your joints and they can be used by individuals that suffer from hip or knee pain comfortably and will not cause further irritation or damage to their joints.

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