The Best Fat-Burning and Muscle-Building Exercise Machines

When you want to burn fat and build muscle, having access to an exercise machine that can do the job is essential.

Below you’ll find out about three of the best fat-burning and muscle-building exercise machines and how to use them to get the results you want.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are one of the best exercise machines you can use when you want to increase your heart rate and strengthen your arms, legs, and core. In fact, what makes rowing machine workouts difficult is that you’re working the entire body at once, causing you to maximize your energy output.

Because rowing machines use water or wind resistance, the harder you work, the harder your workout will become. If you’re a beginner, starting at level five is a good idea.

To fully get the cardio and strength benefits that a rowing machine can provide, you need to use the machine correctly. First, push the seat to the front of the machine. Bend your legs while holding the handles and lean slightly forward. Next, push back with your legs and let your arms follow, pulling the bar into your ribs and leaning slightly back. At this point, pause, straighten your arms, and bend your knees so you return the starting position and repeat.

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to go fast, your form is likely suffering. Instead, slow down and use powerful strokes. It will give you a better workout and prevent you from getting too tired.


One of the biggest benefits of exercising on a treadmill is that it forces you to keep moving. There are also a variety of ways to maximize its cardiovascular benefits, including intense interval training and walking at a high incline.

After a high-intensity session, your body will require more energy to return to its at-rest state, which means you’ll burn more calories even at rest. Even if you enjoy high-intensity runs, it’s important to have low-intensity days. On these days, walking at a significant incline is a terrific way to alleviate pressure on your joints while still burning fat. While you’re walking, keep your heart rate at a moderate level to make sure you continue to burn fat.

As you walk, increase the incline every few minutes until you reach a level of 8. Then stay at this level for 5 minutes before going gradually back down. Another way to ensure that you burn fat is to workout between a grade of 5 and 7, alternating your speed between slow walking and fast walking each minute.

Air Bike

The air bike, also known as a fan bike, looks like a stationary bike but its front wheel is a fan and its handlebars are taller than the seat. This means you have to use both your arms and your legs to pedal, which uses more energy and burns more calories. Similarly to rowing machines, air bikes use wind resistance. As you pedal harder, your workout becomes more challenging.

If you’re a beginner, try pedaling hard for 10 seconds followed by 50 seconds of leisurely pedaling for a period of 10 minutes. As you improve, you can increase the amount of time you spend pedaling hard.

All of these machines are excellent choices for burning fat, but the choice is ultimately yours. Choose a machine that you truly enjoy using so you can stay motivated.

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