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BH Treadmills, Ellipticals & Bikes

About BH Fitness

In 1909, the BH S.A. company was formed and began as a steel products manufacturer in northern Spain. The name BH is derived from Beistegui Hermanos which is Spanish for Beistegui Brothers. Beginning in 1919, the Beistegui brothers, Domingo, Juan and Cosme began applying their steel industry experience to pedal bicycles, thus beginning a long history in health and fitness.

Today, the BH Group is a multi-faceted global brand with facilities located worldwide and remains committed to quality and leading-edge technology. The BH Fitness division was created in the 1960s to respond to a growing demand for quality fitness equipment where BH founded BH Exercycle S.A. This division manufactures and exports fitness equipment. A second factory, BH Exercycle de Mexico, was established in Mexico in 1992. There are now 3 manufacturing facilities located in Mexico, Portugal and Spain with subsidiaries located in China, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

BH exports to more than 65 countries throughout five continents, and we own 11 global brands; BH Fitness, BH HiPower, BH Proaction, Bladez Fitness, ION, Shiatsu, Viva Fit, Ulti-MATE Garage Pro, Ulti-MATE Garage, Ulti-MATE Storage and BH Bikes. BH Fitness has ownership of six design organizations that are located in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the U.S. The design organizations establish new innovations to give BH Fitness a unique and stylish image.

BH Fitness focuses on providing quality, leading-edge technology for the complete spectrum of customer needs, from the causal exercise enthusiast to the 24-hour a day health club. Combined with certified ISO 9001 facilities, dedicated quality assurance and innovative research & development teams – BH Fitness continues to be an industry leader focused on continuous improvement and exceeding expectations. We believe fitness improves the lives of consumers and keeps them healthy with the use of modern technology and advanced design in fitness equipment.

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