Boredom Busting Workout Tips

No matter how motivated you are, everyone gets bored with their workout routine at one point or another. Luckily there are ways to fight boredom and push yourself to the next level.

Below you’ll learn our top tips for busting boredom during your workout so you can stay motivated.

Tip #1: Change up Your Routine

If you’re going to the gym and doing the same elliptical workout every day, it makes sense if you’re getting bored. A study done by the University of Florida showed that people who incorporated variety into their workouts were more likely to continue exercising than people who did the same routine day in and day out.

In addition, doing the same routine over and over can diminish your progress as your muscles get used to the activity. Adding strength training days to your cardio, or vise versa, will help you break through boredom while improving your results.

Tip #2: Try Interval Training

When your elliptical or stationary bike workout becomes stale, try adding high-intensity interval training where you add periods of intense effort to your workout and then follow them up with a recovery period. This kind of workout is proven to use more calories and increase your metabolism.

Tip #3: Get Social

Exercising with other people can also be extremely motivating and signing up for an exercise class is a great way to work out in the company of others who can challenge and support you. Today’s fitness classes are various and exciting, allowing you to do everything from boxing to yoga to bootcamps.

If you don’t have time for a class at the moment, asking a friend to run with you can keep you motivated and entertained. Knowing that you have to attend a class or meet a friend to exercise can also help keep you dedicated.

Tip #4: Use New Equipment

Changing up your equipment choice can go far in terms of getting you excited about your workout. If you’re used to using the elliptical or treadmill, try a stationary bike, rowing machine, or strength training.

We hope these tips will help keep you excited, motivated and challenged as you keep striving toward your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a new piece of equipment to challenge you, download our monthly promotion and save.

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