Can a Treadmill Be Placed on Carpet?

For people who have purchased their first treadmill, a common question is. “Where should it be placed?” Can a treadmill be placed on a carpet or is it necessary to purchase a specialty mat made specifically for treadmills? This article will go over the common arguments that come to the fore when trying to situate a new treadmill.

Floor Protection

The main argument for placing a treadmill on a carpet is to protect the floor. The use of a treadmill will create friction between itself and the floor which can cause wear and tear to the flooring material. Vibrations from the treadmill can cause it to shift and move which can create scratches and marks on the floor surface. For this reason, many people believe that laying down a piece of carpet will prevent this kind of deterioration. A piece of carpet can also provide stability to the treadmill and stop it from sliding around as well as lower the amount of noise that reverberates through the building.

Treadmill Protection

Another side of the argument that very few people consider is that placing a carpet underneath a treadmill can actually create wear and tear on the treadmill itself. The fact is that the treadmill will stir up dust and fibres from the carpet that will eventually make their way into the machinery of the treadmill. The dust, dirt, and fibres can wreak havoc upon the brushes of the electrical motor, the system’s bearings, and other moving parts

An Alternative Protection

The best way to protect both your floor and your new treadmill from harm is to use a treadmill mat. Treadmill mats are specifically made to protect both your floor and your new piece of gym equipment. Typically made of a poly foam core and coated with a rubberized covering, the mats decrease the amount of vibration caused by the treadmill thereby protecting the surface of your floor. A treadmill mat also provides more protection from noise than a simple piece of carpet. As for protection of the treadmill itself, a treadmill mat will not trap dust and dirt or release carpet fibres that will end up harming the equipment’s inner machinery.

The Bottom Line

The best protection for both your floor and your treadmill would be to use a treadmill mat. However, if your budget is tight and If your biggest worry is protecting your floor from damage, it’s probably better to lay down a piece of carpet rather than placing your treadmill directly on the floor. That said, if you’re more worried about protecting your treadmill rather than the floor, placing your treadmill directly onto the floor will be the best choice.

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