Can A Treadmill Help You Run Faster?

Many people who incorporate running into their fitness regime will use a combination of outdoor running, running on a treadmill and CrossFit training which includes running in place. All three types of running work the body in different ways and can complement each other when it comes to strength, endurance, and speed. In this article, we’ll go over these various types of running and the benefits received by doing each.

Treadmills Vs Outdoor Running

Running on a treadmill is easier than running outdoors for several reasons. Because treadmills move underneath your feet, the belt actually helps your legs to continue to move. Running on solid ground obviously doesn’t give you the same benefit. The fact that the rubber on the treadmill is quite forgiving means that your soft tissues don’t get the same kind of conditioning that you would get by running on pavement or dirt. Treadmills also shelter you from the elements such as wind and rain as well as irregular inclines and hills.

Treadmills For Speed

Because treadmills make running easier they are good for increasing your speed. By setting the pace of the treadmill at a higher level you can slowly increase the speed your body is comfortable at. A good way to do this is to increase the treadmill speed for short intervals followed by a slower pace to allow for recovery. Repeat these fast and slow intervals to gradually raise your overall average speed.

Crossfit Training

Many people nowadays use the Wii Fit or another software program to help with their workouts. The Wii Fit “Free Run” program typically lasts for 30 minutes and can play a role in cross training. Other cross-training exercises such as sit ups and push ups can increase the strength and endurance of your core muscles which will ultimately benefit your running. Core muscles, or postural muscles, allow you to maintain a good posture and stop you from slouching over longer distances. A stronger core will also help with your breathing when doing long distance running as a good posture reduces pressure on your diaphragm.

Overall Training

To get a good overall training using outdoor running, a treadmill and a CrossFit program that includes running in place, try to get outside two or three days every week and mix it up between shorter and longer runs. This will help you acclimatize for real road races with their variable road and weather conditions. Using the treadmill a couple of days a week can help you work on maintaining a uniform speed as well as working on tempo running while reducing the impact your feet and knees experience. Crossfit training will help you with your muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

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