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Can Coronavirus Live in A Hot Tub

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of everyone’s lives. And that includes those who use hot tubs and swimming pools. In many areas of the country, gyms, recreation centres and indoor swimming pools have been shut down at various times since the beginning of the pandemic. And while there have been several documented cases of Coronavirus spread associated with gyms, what about swimming pools and hot tubs? Can Coronavirus live in a hot tub? To answer that question, we’ve compiled some recent statements from the scientific community.

Can Coronavirus Live in Hot Tub Water?

Virologists at the Imperial College London (ICL) in the United Kingdom have recently released results from an investigation commissioned by Swim England saying that “…we could show that the virus does not survive in swimming pool water — it was no longer infectious.” The study found that the infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 was “reduced by more than 1,000 fold within just 30 seconds” of being introduced to water with chlorine concentrations and pH levels typically found in swimming pools and hot tubs.

Can Coronavirus Spread in Hot Tub Water?

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that it had not seen any scientifically published evidence of the Coronavirus being spread to humans through the use of swimming pools, hot tubs or other treated aquatic venues. The organization continues to support the theory that the virus responsible for Covid-19 is most commonly transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets which generally requires proximity of less than one metre between people.

The Importance of Sanitizer And pH Levels in Hot Tubs

According to the ICL, it’s apparent that the chlorine and pH levels in the water are important in neutralizing the viability of the Coronavirus. What this means for the private hot tub owner is that keeping the water chemistry balanced remains the most important method for keeping the water clean and preventing illness or disease from occurring through hot tub use. An essential part of maintaining properly balanced water chemistry is ensuring the hot tub is functioning properly and cleaned according to a regular maintenance schedule.

Social Distancing and Face Masks

While it appears that the Coronavirus cannot survive in the water of a hot tub, it’s still possible to be transmitted through the air. For this reason, social distancing guidelines should be followed when using a hot tub – if at all possible. If social distancing cannot be accomplished, the use of face masks may help reduce the chances of viral spread. If face masks are being used in the hot tub they shouldn’t be allowed to get wet and should be replaced if that does happen.


Outdoor hot tubs are naturally ventilated which will reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission. Indoor hot tubs must also be properly ventilated to prevent structural damage. However, they may benefit from additional methods of introducing ventilation such as opening windows and doors or using extra fans. Changing rooms and bathrooms used by people from different households should also be provided with extra ventilation when possible.

Surface Disinfection

Although the primary vector of Coronavirus transmission is thought to be airborne, there still might be a possibility that it can be transferred from an infected surface to the eyes, nose or mouth. For this reason, it pays to be vigilant about keeping surfaces around the hot tub clean and disinfected.

Is A Hot Tub Safe to Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

From all accounts, it appears that a hot tub is no more likely to be unsafe than any other place where social distancing, ventilation and disinfection are employed. When hot tub water chemistry is properly balanced, the water itself appears to be a very unlikely place for the virus to survive. By following the regular procedures associated with hot tub maintenance and Coronavirus safety, the risk to healthy people appears to be very low.

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