Can I Put a Treadmill in a Garage?

The fact that a treadmill can withstand hours of pounding footfall means they are inherently bulky and cumbersome. Even the fold-up models need to be built sturdy enough to take continuous pummeling. This can make finding a place to store your treadmill somewhat of a headache. You want it easily available so that you don’t need too much preparation to perform your workout, but you also don’t want it taking up valuable space in the middle of a much-used room. We’re often asked, “Can I put a treadmill in a garage.” The honest answer is that it’s not a very good idea. In this article, we’ll explain why this is.

Warranty Conditions

One of the first things you’ll want to do before storing your treadmill in your garage is to check the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties will vary between various manufacturers, so you’ll need to ensure you’re not breaking the conditions of the warranty by storing the treadmill in a garage. If you do break the conditions of the warranty and any repairs become necessary, you may be expected to pay the full cost of refurbishment – even if the treadmill is still within the warranty period. Read these documents carefully to avoid confusion or voiding your warranty.

Cold Weather Damage

One of the main reasons why a warranty would exclude a garage as a storage spot is because of the possibility of being exposed to extreme cold. Cold weather can cause the treadmill belt to become brittle and possibly break. It can also be harmful to the inner mechanics and the display screen. The incline function may also be compromised by exposure to the cold which could end up causing it to freeze and seize up. Ultimately cold weather can cause the various components to suffer undue wear and tear resulting in an early breakdown.

Dirt, Dust, And Grime

Your garage is probably not the cleanest area of your house. Quite often the garage will have more dirt, dust, and grime than any other indoor space on your property. Because of the many moving parts of the treadmill, these particles can cause particular problems. Treadmill motors and belts need to be cleaned regularly even when used inside a house. This would become even more necessary in a dusty and dirty garage. Failure to keep the treadmill components clean and free of debris could result in premature wear and breakdown.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Ultimately you should follow the storage guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Even if the warranty doesn’t specifically state where the best place for treadmill storage will be, there will be general recommendations on the ideal place. If you want your treadmill to last a long time, it’s best to follow their instructions. To get the best deal on your new treadmill, download this month’s promotions to save.

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