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Can Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight?

As obesity levels continue to rise, people look for new and novel ways to lose weight. That said, it’s commonly agreed that the only way to lose weight is to expend more calories than you consume. And while that might be disappointing for those looking for a magical solution to the weight gain problem, it does behoove all of us to regulate our diet while finding ways to exercise more and increase calorie burn. Can resistance bands help you lose weight? If combined with a good diet and a vigourous workout schedule, there’s no reason why not. In this article, we’ll introduce the concept of resistance bands and go over some of the ways they can help you lose weight.

What Is A Resistance Band?

Resistance bands are loops or strips of rubber or plastic that can be used for physiotherapy and other exercise. They’re available in all sorts of sizes and strengths which allow them to be tailored for use depending on the amount of resistance required. Resistance bands can be used to provide resistance against muscular force, but they can also be used to assist muscles that aren’t strong enough to act without aid. One thing that makes resistance bands more effective than exercise equipment such as free weights is that the resistance is applied during both upwards and downwards motions. This forces the user to apply proper technique throughout the entirety of each repetition.

Cardiovascular Versus Strength Training

While it’s commonly agreed that cardiovascular workouts burn calories faster, strength training is an important part of the long term weight-loss equation. Muscle growth requires the synthesis of proteins which is one of the most energy-intensive processes that can occur at the cellular level. The simple act of growing muscle requires energy and burns calories. Muscle fibres are metabolically more active than fat tissues, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn – even when at rest.

How Can Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight?

Resistance bands can be an important part of a strength training regime which, in turn, can help you burn calories and lose weight. Resistance bands can be used to increase the intensity of simple bodyweight exercises such as push ups or replace expensive and bulky equipment such as free weights and exercise machines. This will result in faster muscle growth and more calories being burned. Combined with a well-balanced diet, this will ultimately lead to weight loss.

Using Resistance Bands To Increase Exercise Difficulty

If you’re used to doing an exercise and find you’re spending too much time performing it before you start to feel challenged, adding a resistance band to the exercise is a simple way to increase its difficulty. For example, when doing push ups you can hold each end of a band and wrap it around your back to provide more resistance as you push upwards. Bands can also be similarly used with free weights to increase resistance without having to add to your weight collection.

Using Resistance Bands To Decrease Exercise Difficulty

Resistance bands can also be used to aid exercises that you’re not able to perform without assistance. For example, if you have trouble completing a pull up or chin up, strapping a resistance band around the bar and attaching the ends to your ankles can add enough pull to help you complete a repetition. Similarly, an exercise such as dips where you lower yourself between parallel bars and raise yourself back up again can be assisted by looping the band between the bars and your knees. These types of assisted exercises not only build the muscle necessary to eventually perform the movements unassisted, but they also burn calories.

If you like the idea of using resistance bands to lose weight, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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