Can Treadmills Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, the most common thing discussed is exercise. Although some dread it, exercising is the ideal method for dropping excess pounds. This is true because exercising burns fat and calories. Essentially, the more calories we burn, the more likely we are to lose weight.

One of the most revered forms of exercise for weight loss is cardio or aerobic activity. It is deemed as very useful for successfully burning calories and helping individuals rid themselves of unwanted pounds.

Treadmills Are Effective For Dropping Pounds

Running on the treadmill is a form of cardio, and it is arguably one of the most results-driven types of exercise. It burns calories and visceral fat, which is located under the abdominal wall or muscles of the stomach.

A combination of other exercises in addition to using the treadmill also plays a role in losing weight. However, weight loss appears to be more receptive to running on the treadmill. Individuals that have chosen to engage in this form of activity have seen significant differences in their sizes, especially around the waist.

However, it is important to note that depending on your weight your results will vary. For example, a person weighing 185 pounds is likely to burn 355 calories after running for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Someone that weighs, 60 pounds less, is said to burn 240 calories.

The reality though is that visceral fat tends to react exceptionally well to running and other forms of cardio. Spending 30 minutes on the treadmill will contribute to weight loss, especially if it is done regularly.

At least 3,500 calories must be burned for a pound of fat to be dropped from your waistline. Running on the treadmill will not elicit immediate results that are instantly detectable, but with dedication and determination, your fitness goals will be reached.

Treadmills Can Help With Keeping The Weight Off

As mentioned, visceral fat is one of the most annoying forms of fat as it tends to reside under stomach muscles. However, by running on a treadmill, this form of fat can be burned and overtime eliminated. By running on the treadmill persistently, visceral fat can be eradicated. Even if weight is gained subsequently, the fat will not immediately return. This result was proven true in a study by the University of Alabama. The conclusion indicated that those who continue exercising or running on the treadmill regularly had less visceral fat than those who chose not to exercise.

Why Is Cardio So Great For Weight Loss

To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. Only by honoring this truth will you lose weight and benefit from any form of exercise.

Cardio is beneficial for weight loss for many reasons. The very first reason is that it forces you to put out more energy while you exercise. Second, by getting your heart rate up, this encourages more blood circulation and third, an increased exertion of energy.

As this occurs, you sweat, and your body burns calories, and with continued movement and intensity, more calories are burned. This is one of the very reasons why running on the treadmill is so beneficial as you can walk, run and increase the intensity of your workout.


Running on the treadmill certainly has its benefits, and is one of the ideal exercises for losing weight and burning fat. If you are considering the possibility of using a treadmill for weight loss, don’t hesitate as it certainly serves a significant role in the elimination of unwanted pounds.

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