Can You Have a Weight Bench Upstairs?

Different people have several different reasons for working out at home rather than taking out a membership at the local gym. Convenience is usually a major factor since it means you don’t have to head out to the gym to get your workout in. Cost may also play a role as gym memberships are typically not cheap and sometimes feature hidden charges or contract concerns. Other people feel somewhat intimidated by working out in public gyms and prefer the privacy of their own home. For whatever reason you choose to set up a personal gym at home, you’ll need to choose the right location. Many people wonder if you can have a weight bench upstairs or if the added load would cause problems with the structure of the house.

In this article, we’ll go over various considerations when it comes to setting up a personal gym on the upper floors of your house.

Weight Bench Set Up

If your personal gym set up is comprised solely of a weight bench and some free weights, the possibility of locating it on the upper floor of your house is quite great. Floors in most homes are able to withstand a weight of at least 40 pounds per square foot. You can do some easy calculations to figure out if your floor can handle the weight of your bench, the added weight plates, your own body mass and other furniture in the room.

Popular Home Locations

Quite often people set up their in-home personal gym in their basement or garage. A lot of times this is just a matter of convenience as there’s extra space available in these areas. The fact that they might be unfinished and have concrete floors bodes well for using a weight set without causing damage to your floors. If the home gym is composed of more than just a weight bench, because of the added weight, the garage or basement might be a better location than the upper floors of your house.

Flooring Tips

Whether your home gym is located on an upper floor or in the basement or garage, you should have some consideration of the flooring that you’ll be working out on. Laying down rubber mats can improve the comfort level of your workout space as well as add a safety factor as they’ll prevent dropped weights from bouncing around and damaging the floor. Some people wonder if you can put a weight bench on the carpet. If you already have carpeted flooring you should be able to forego the need for rubber mats.

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