Can You Lose Weight Bench Pressing?

Many people start working out in the hopes of losing weight. There are a myriad of exercises you can choose from, but if you’re focused on dropping the pounds, what are the best exercises you can do? Can you lose weight bench pressing? This article will look at bench pressing and the ability of that exercise to help one lose weight, compared with other types of workouts and exercises.

Bench Pressing Advantages

Bench pressing is a great exercise for increasing upper body strength. The pectoral muscles of your chest receive the most benefit followed by the deltoids in your shoulders, the triceps in your arms as well as your back muscles or lats. If you’re looking for a muscular chest, bench presses are one of the best exercises you can focus on.

Bench Pressing for Weight Loss

But when it comes to losing weight, bench pressing doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories and burning calories is what you should be looking to do if you want to lose the pounds. A five-minute session of bench pressing will only burn between 40 and 50 calories depending on your body size. To really drop the pounds, you should be looking to create a 500 calorie deficit each day. This means that you need to burn 500 more calories through exercise than you are gaining from eating. Unless you’re bench pressing all day long, that single exercise alone won’t be enough to start losing significant weight.

Incorporating Bench Pressing into Your Workout

While no one in their right mind would spend the entire day bench pressing, very few people will simply spend five minutes pushing up the barbell and calling that a workout. Bench pressing is typically only a small part of a full workout regime. If you spend a half hour lifting weights with a variety of different exercises, it’s possible to burn over 200 calories in a session. If you’re working out a few times a week you could expect to lose about 10 pounds throughout the year.

If losing more weight than that remains part of your focus, you would do well to add some cardiovascular workouts to your regime. By performing exercises that bring your heart rate up and get you breathing hard, you can expect to burn a lot more calories. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, biking, and swimming will raise your pulse and breathing rate and use up more calories. By adding cardiovascular workouts to your off days from weightlifting you can get the best of both worlds by increasing muscle mass while losing fat.

So although bench pressing remains a staple in most weightlifting exercise regimes, the fact is that bench pressing alone will not cause significant weight loss. However, adding some aerobic and cardiovascular exercises to your weight lifting regime can make a huge difference.

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