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  • What are the Best Elliptical Workouts for Beginners?

    Elliptical trainers are very popular amongst beginners for several reasons. First of all, they’re quite straightforward. You simply get on the machine and start walking. The machine will smoothly guide your steps accordingly. They’re good for those who may be overweight or not in the best shape. It also allows movement with virtually zero impact.

  • What Muscles Does the Elliptical Work Going Backwards?

    Elliptical machines have become a mainstay of the modern gym. Providing a full body workout without any impact issues, the elliptical is popular among those who enjoy walking or jogging but can’t necessarily withstand pounding the pavement for long periods of time and may be recovering from injury. The intensity of the elliptical workout can

  • What is the Difference Between an Elliptical Trainer and Cross Trainer?

    For many gym users, exercise machines are the preferred way to get in a workout. For others, the strange machines only represent confusion and complexity. But the fact is that exercise machines can be a great way to do a solo workout without the fear of accident or injury. There’s a wide variety of machines

  • What is the Best Low Impact Cardio Machine?

    You’ve probably heard of the benefits of low impact exercises. Especially if you suffer from bone or joint problems, weight issues or are simply getting up there in age. But just because an exercise is low impact doesn’t mean that it can’t be challenging. There are several exercise machines on the market that will preserve

  • Are Elliptical Machines Accurate for Distance?

    Compared with treadmills and stationary bikes, elliptical machines are relative newcomers on the gym workout scene. Marketed as a low impact way to get in an aerobic workout, ellipticals quickly became popular with early adopting joggers, bicyclists, and skiers. Not only do they work the lower body, but they give the upper body something to

  • What’s the Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use?

    For those deciding on an elliptical machine to use at home, a quick look online may leave you feeling overwhelmed with choice. Elliptical machines have been around long enough that there’s a wide range of brands, models, prices and styles. When trying to decide what’s the best elliptical machine for home use there are a

  • Can an Elliptical Machine Help You Lose Weight?

    With the new year, many people have once again vowed to get healthier and lose some weight. There are many ways to do this, and we often get asked, “Can an elliptical machine help you lose weight?” The fact is, it can! However, the amount of weight you lose will really depend on how you

  • Does an Elliptical Trainer Help With Running?

    Elliptical trainers are stationary exercise machines that mimic the motion used by runners, cross-country skiers, and stair climbers. They typically have adjustable resistance levels and may have an option to increase the incline to simulate the act of running or skiing uphill. Many elliptical trainers have handles that move back and forth to mimic the

  • Should You Use an Elliptical Trainer?

    An elliptical machine is an immobile exercise machine. This piece of equipment is used for replicating motions similar to that of climbing stairs, walking or running. Many individuals choose this machine because it is ideal for cardio and encourages a complete body workout. Also, it offers a form of exercise that limits pressure on the