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  • How to Use an Adjustable Weight Bench

    Now that we’ve all suffered through a year of pandemic restrictions, most of us have found a way to get in a decent workout at home. In some ways it might even be preferable: no membership fees, no lining up for equipment, no wiping down other people’s sweat – maybe lockdown isn’t so bad after

  • How to Use Resistance Bands

    While most of us are familiar with free weights for resistance training, they do have some drawbacks. They’re large, bulky and relatively expensive. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to throw them into your suitcase when you travel – especially if you’re paying for your luggage by weight. For a far cheaper and more lightweight alternative,

  • What the Proper Way to Jump Rope for Fitness

    Some people might believe that jumping rope is child’s play. But several generations of professional boxers would probably challenge your assumptions! Although jumping rope may not be as easy as it initially appears to be, it doesn’t take long for a beginner to learn the basics and reap the benefits. If you want to learn

  • How to Pick the Right Fitness Trampoline

    Trampolines might be considered kids toys by some, but they can provide a good cardiovascular workout. They can also improve balance, strength, endurance and coordination. In fact, trampolining was introduced as an Olympic sport in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. For those who want to begin a trampoline-based fitness program, choosing a trampoline may

  • Where Should You Store Weights at Home?

    Lifting weights at home offers more than just convenience. Sure, being able to lift weights whenever you want, regardless of the time of day, is conducive to sticking to your routine. But having your own set up at home will also save you money on gym membership fees and transportation costs. And for those who

  • What are the Best Exercise Bands to Buy?

    Exercise bands are a great alternative to free weights and exercise machines for those who don’t have the space or the budget to store and use traditional gym equipment. Their minimal weight and compact size make them ideal for home workouts, warmups for other sports and traveling. But for a resistance band newbie looking to

  • How Heavy do Kettlebells Get?

    The most recent trend in the weightlifting world has got to be the kettlebell. Although originally used by Russian circus performers in the 19th century, they only became truly popular in North America at the beginning of the 21rst century. They differ from dumbbells because their centre of gravity extends outward from the hand. The

  • How to Use Exercise Bands for Legs

    Contrary to popular belief, strength training doesn’t require the use of heavy weights. There are alternatives to big, chunky plates of iron and cement. Resistance bands are one of these great alternatives. Not only do they provide the means for a full strength training workout, they have additional benefits as well. Resistance bands allow you

  • What are the Basic Steps of Aerobics?

    Most people have probably heard of aerobics, but many of them might not actually know what they are. Aerobics typically refers to a type of exercise that utilizes rhythmic movements, flexibility training, and strength training to improve cardiovascular fitness. Quite often aerobics are performed in a group setting with an instructor and accompanying music, although