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  • London Knights OHL Champions!

    Congratulations to everyone in the London Knights organization. We watched this team battle through some rough spots this year, but we knew they had what it took to take it all the way. CONGRATULATIONS LONDON KNIGHTS!

  • Fitness Tip #4

    MORE IS BETTER THAN LESS That’s right! Eating more is better for you than eating less. The difference is in how you do it. Eating 5 to 6 smaller meals spaced out through out the day is better for your body. It gives your body a continuous supply of nutrients as well as giving you

  • Fitness Tip #3

    MUSCLE VERSUS FAT Did you know that a pound of muscle burns more than double the calories of a pound of fat?? Its true!! Plus if you are actively using them than the calorie burn increases even more. Using weight bearing exercises will also increase bone density for both male and females and is important

  • Fitness Tip #2

    For a more effective use of the Push-up position; you can vary the position of your hands; this then allows different muscles of the chest and triceps to be used. For example: If you move your hands to a narrow placement-then you are involving more triceps and inner chest. If you go to a wider

  • Fitness Tip #1

    FREDDY’S FITNESS TIP #1 An amazing yet completely portable gym is the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere; at home, at the office, on the road or even outside. This thing not only will strengthen and stretch your entire body but will also help you to boast your metabolism into overdrive and build

  • London Knights use California Spa & Fitness Equipment

    London Knights rock training camp on true upright bikes London Knights use True fitness equipment during their training camp! California Spa & Fitness has been a sponsor of London Knights for the last two years, providing them with the best equipment available. True fitness equipment is the London Knight’s cardio equipment of choice. As we