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  • What is the Best Outdoor Hot Tub?

    Buying a new hot tub can be an exciting, but overwhelming situation to be in. You can envision the warm, swirling waters, but before that can be realized you have to part with thousands of dollars. Buying the right hot tub can be fraught with indecision, confusion and the fear of making the wrong choice. […]

  • Is it OK to Hot Tub Every Day?

    For those who are considering adding a hot tub into their lives, a number of questions immediately become apparent. One question that comes up over and over again is a variation of “Is it OK to hot tub every day?” This can be of great concern for potential hot tub owners because of the fear […]

  • What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

    If you’re in the market for a new hot tub you might have more questions than answers. There’s no doubt that a hot tub can be considered a major purchase. Although a hot tub won’t cost as much as a new home or automobile, it will definitely change your life. So, making sure you get […]

  • Is Sitting in a Hot Tub Healthy?

    There are many different uses for a hot tub. There’s no doubt they provide a great place to relax, socialize and catch up with family and friends. But is sitting in a hot tub healthy? The fact is that hot tubs have been used by athletes, convalescents and those suffering from pain as a way […]

  • How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

    For those in the market for a new hot tub, a very legitimate question is “How many years does an outdoor hot tub last?” The fact is that you’ll be paying a significant chunk of change for a hot tub, so you don’t want to end up disappointed or surprised by its longevity or lack […]

  • What’s the Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa?

    If you have any interest in hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis and other tanks of warm water used for recreational or hydrotherapy purposes you may have noticed there’s a lot of interchangeability among the various names for these small pools. What’s the difference between hot tub and spa? Is a Jacuzzi the same thing or something […]

  • Are Hot Tub and Pool Chemicals the Same?

    For people who have been around swimming pools and hot tubs long enough, they may have noticed that although there are distinct categories of swimming pool chemicals and hot tub chemicals, the ingredients in these water additives are nearly the same. Does this mean these chemicals are interchangeable regardless of whether you’re adding them to […]

  • What Causes Hot Tub Bubbles?

    While you may enjoy lots of bubbles when you’re taking a bath, you don’t want your hot tub to be filled with excessive foam. This usually means that your hot tub water is unbalanced, dirty and possibly unhealthy. If you notice that foam and bubbles are persistently accumulating on the water’s surface, it’s time to […]

  • Will a Hot Tub Help a Sprained Ankle?

    For hot tub owners who suffer an injury such as a sprained ankle, they may wonder whether they should use their hot tub to help heal the injury. Will a hot tub help a sprained ankle? The short answer is that yes, a hot tub can be used to help heal a sprained ankle, but […]

  • How to Raise Hot Tub pH?

    Maintaining fresh and clean water in your hot tub requires dealing with some chemical substances. But don’t worry, there’s no need for a degree in chemistry to run a hot tub! But keeping your water chemistry balanced will ensure that soaking in your hot tub is safe, healthy and relaxing. One of the more important […]