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  • What Hot Tub Should I Buy?

    Although buying a hot tub should be a very exciting time, it can often cause fear and stress. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the potential buyer is wading into a world that they don’t fully understand. However, a bit of knowledge is all that’s necessary to make an informed […]

  • How Does A Hot Tub Work?

    For most people, a hot tub is simply a great place to relax in warm water while being massaged by powerful jets. The inner workings of the hot tub are usually the furthest thing from their minds. However, there are always people who ask the question, “How does a hot tub work?” Understanding how a […]

  • How Do Hot Tubs Fight Inflammation?

    Hot tubs have been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. The hot tubs of the ancients may not resemble the apparatuses we have access to today, but their function remains fundamentally the same. If you’re suffering pain due to overwork, injury, infection or disease, inflammation is likely the cause of your misery. Spending time in […]

  • How To Make A Hot Tub Surround

    While there’s no doubt that a hot tub will bring you countless hours of comfort and joy, putting in some effort to properly integrate it into your backyard can transform the hot tub into a beautiful focal point. One way of doing this is by creating a hot tub surround to frame it in a […]

  • How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

    One of the most cited reasons for the reticence of buying a hot tub is the perceived cost of operation. And while hot tubs will increase your electricity bill, they don’t necessarily have to be energy hogs. By following some basic guidelines you can cut back on the amount of energy your hot tub uses. […]

  • What Is The Best Hot Tub For Cold Climates

    There’s nothing like soaking in the warm, massaging waters of a hot tub when the surrounding temperatures are below zero. It’s a special feeling to be sitting in hot water when you’re surrounded by cold weather. But if you hope to live out this dream you need to ensure you have a hot tub that […]

  • How to Empty A Hot Tub?

    While most of us would prefer to simply soak and relax in a hot tub, some of us have a need to learn the ins and outs of how they work and what needs to be done to keep them properly maintained. To appease the latter group, we’ve put together an article concerning hot tub […]

  • How Are Hot Tubs Heated?

    A hot tub without heat is like an ice cream cone without ice cream. An essential component is missing. Hot tubs, by definition, require heated, massaging water. So, how are hot tubs heated? In this article, we’ll go over the various types of hot tub heating and what you can do to make them more […]

  • Why Does A Hot Tub Make You Tired?

    As society as a whole becomes more interested in health and wellbeing, it’s been found that getting a good night’s rest can play a fundamental role in overall wellness. This has led to a veritable industry designed to help people feel tired, fall asleep faster and experience a more uninterrupted slumber. But hot tub owners […]

  • Can Coronavirus Live in A Hot Tub

    The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of everyone’s lives. And that includes those who use hot tubs and swimming pools. In many areas of the country, gyms, recreation centres and indoor swimming pools have been shut down at various times since the beginning of the pandemic. And while there have been several […]