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  • Can You Put a Hot Tub in Your Bathroom?

    After making the decision to buy a hot tub, the next big decision to be made is where to put it.  If you’re planning on an indoor hot tub, there are a few more things that need to be accounted for compared with an outdoor installation.  Can you put a hot tub in your bathroom?  […]

  • Can You Plug a Hot Tub into a Regular Outlet?

    If you’re not familiar with how hot tubs work, it can be very reasonable to ask, “Can you plug a hot tub into a regular outlet?”  The answer really depends on the type of hot tub you’re talking about.  Some hot tubs, known as plug and play models, can be plugged into a regular, household […]

  • Can You Leave Hot Tub Outside in the Winter?

    If you’re considering buying a hot tub but live in a part of the country that experiences harsh winters, you may be wondering, “Can you leave hot tub outside in the winter?”  You’ll be happy to learn that even those who live in the far north are able to keep their hot tub running all […]

  • Can Hot Tubs Make You Tired?

    People who suffer from sleeping problems may turn to pharmaceuticals to help them get a decent night’s rest.  Medicinal sleeping aids might work for some, but others fear addiction or find that they don’t provide a natural feeling sleep.  For these reasons many people seek out natural alternatives that allow them to fall asleep easier.  […]

  • Can I Put a Hot Tub in the Garage?

    Because of their size, hot tubs are very versatile when it comes to deciding on a location.  They may be best known for appearing in a backyard or on a wooden deck, but they can also be easily installed indoors.  That said, when deciding on an indoor installation a hot tub doesn’t necessarily need to […]

  • Can a Hot Tub Help Back Pain?

    Although primarily known for recreation, hot tubs can also be used to treat aches and pains.  Can a hot tub help back pain?  Soaking in a hot tub likely won’t cure back pain, but it can definitely bring some temporary relief.  Hot tubs have long been prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists to help alleviate pain […]

  • Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance?

    Some people may be put off by the thought of owning a hot tub because of the perceived amount of maintenance they require.  Are hot tubs high maintenance?  Although they don’t completely run themselves, labeling them high maintenance is probably exaggerating the situation.  Because of technological progress over the years, hot tub manufacturers have come […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Inflammation?

    Hot tubs are often considered a place of recreation, but they can also provide pain relief.  From professional athletes to those suffering from medical conditions, hot tubs have long been used for hydrotherapeutic purposes.  Pain resulting from strenuous workouts, disease and injury is often related to inflammation.  Are hot tubs good for inflammation?  In this […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Anxiety?

    Life is complicated enough as it is. Then throw in a global pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and political uncertainty and it’s no wonder that we’re all probably feeling a little more anxious these days. And while drug manufacturers and alcohol producers may purport to have the antidote to our woes, most of us understand that […]

  • Are Hot Hubs Easy to Install?

    Buying a new hot tub is an exciting event. However, now that you’ve made your purchase (or at least decided you’re going to make the purchase) you’re probably wondering about what it will take to get it installed and up and running.  Are hot tubs easy to install? It’s not an overly complicated process as […]