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  • 4 Stunning Ways to Incorporate a Hot Tub into Your Backyard

    Without some deliberate forethought, a hot tub can actually be a very unattractive feature in a backyard. If you consider the appearance of an unadorned hot tub, it’s simply a fibreglass casing with a bunch of piping running around it. On their own, they’re not the most eye-pleasing appliances on the market. But with a […]

  • Hot Tub Safety During a Pandemic

    There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed all our lives. From the shutdown of restaurants, bars, and movie theatres to being told to stay at home and shelter in place, the experience we’re all going through is unprecedented. But if you already have a hot tub, that’s at least one thing that can […]

  • Invest in Your Backyard vs Traveling This Summer

    With airlines being grounded, quarantine periods being enforced on travellers and countries shutting their borders, it looks like our summer vacations will be a wash this year. But with every cloud comes a silver lining. And the silver lining that comes from a cancelled vacation is the money that can now be invested elsewhere. One […]

  • Planning a Covid Staycation

    With lockdown orders, suspended flights and possible 14-day quarantines upon arrival in a new country, our vacation plans for this spring and summer have been completely upended. Hopefully, you’re able to get your money back on any vacation plans that have already been booked, but even if that’s the case, what are you going to […]

  • Where do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

    Fresh and clean water in a hot tub isn’t only desirable, it could mean the difference between a pleasant soak and one that makes you sick. Your two main lines of defence against pathogenic water are hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters. In this article, we’re going to concentrate on the filters. You might […]

  • What is the Most Efficient Hot Tub?

    It’s not very often that the average hot tub user is thinking about the amount of energy that is being used while they’re trying to relax and get away from it all in their backyard hot tub. But for those who pay the bills and worry about their impact on the environment, having an energy-efficient […]

  • Can You Burn Calories in a Hot Tub?

    Quite often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hot tubs is soaking in warm, bubbling waters. And it’s true that a big part of the joy of soaking in a hot tub is the warmth and massaging action that occurs. The results are relaxation, soothing of aching muscles, stress relief, and […]

  • What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions

    Indoor hot tubs are the height of luxury. Ready to use any time, you don’t have to worry about lightning storms, nosy neighbours or your leaf shedding trees fouling the water. But deciding on the ideal style and size of your hot tub may leave you scratching your head with more questions than answers. You’ll […]

  • What Does a Hot Tub Do for You?

    Everybody loves the idea of a hot tub. However, the reasons that everyone loves hot tubs are as different as the people use them. Some folks just think of soaking in a hot tub as an entertaining activity, whereas other people use them for health reasons. But no matter how you view hot tubs there […]

  • Can Any Hot Tub Use Salt Water?

    For those who are always on the lookout for different ways of maintaining their hot tubs, they’ve likely come across so called salt water systems. For those who haven’t heard about this different method of keeping your hot tub water clean, the knowledge that they could experience softer, silkier water while spending less money on […]