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  • Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance?

    Some people may be put off by the thought of owning a hot tub because of the perceived amount of maintenance they require.  Are hot tubs high maintenance?  Although they don’t completely run themselves, labeling them high maintenance is probably exaggerating the situation.  Because of technological progress over the years, hot tub manufacturers have come […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Inflammation?

    Hot tubs are often considered a place of recreation, but they can also provide pain relief.  From professional athletes to those suffering from medical conditions, hot tubs have long been used for hydrotherapeutic purposes.  Pain resulting from strenuous workouts, disease and injury is often related to inflammation.  Are hot tubs good for inflammation?  In this […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Good for Anxiety?

    Life is complicated enough as it is. Then throw in a global pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and political uncertainty and it’s no wonder that we’re all probably feeling a little more anxious these days. And while drug manufacturers and alcohol producers may purport to have the antidote to our woes, most of us understand that […]

  • Are Hot Hubs Easy to Install?

    Buying a new hot tub is an exciting event. However, now that you’ve made your purchase (or at least decided you’re going to make the purchase) you’re probably wondering about what it will take to get it installed and up and running.  Are hot tubs easy to install? It’s not an overly complicated process as […]

  • Are Hot Tubs a Good Investment?

    When they first think of a hot tub many people imagine self-indulgent soaks, fun-filled social gatherings with friends and family, a place to unwind after a busy working week or a nice, relaxing daily dip. However, for those considering the purchase of a hot tub, secondary thoughts may turn to cost, upkeep, and value for […]

  • What is the Average Life of a Hot Tub?

    Let’s face it. Buying a hot tub involves many important decisions. Not only is a hot tub a big-ticket item, but it’s also a luxury purchase. The money you allocate towards a hot tub could, ostensibly, be used for something much more utilitarian. And it’s highly doubtful your world will stop functioning if you don’t […]

  • How Can You Get More Use from Your Hot Tub During the Summer?

    It’s been found that Canadians use their backyard hot tub during the winter more than any other season. And why not?!? Is there anything better than dealing with a long winter’s day than coming home and soaking in 40-degree water while snowflakes float around your ears? We think not. But what about the warmer months […]

  • 4 Stunning Ways to Incorporate a Hot Tub into Your Backyard

    Without some deliberate forethought, a hot tub can actually be a very unattractive feature in a backyard. If you consider the appearance of an unadorned hot tub, it’s simply a fibreglass casing with a bunch of piping running around it. On their own, they’re not the most eye-pleasing appliances on the market. But with a […]

  • Hot Tub Safety During a Pandemic

    There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed all our lives. From the shutdown of restaurants, bars, and movie theatres to being told to stay at home and shelter in place, the experience we’re all going through is unprecedented. But if you already have a hot tub, that’s at least one thing that can […]

  • Invest in Your Backyard vs Traveling This Summer

    With airlines being grounded, quarantine periods being enforced on travellers and countries shutting their borders, it looks like our summer vacations will be a wash this year. But with every cloud comes a silver lining. And the silver lining that comes from a cancelled vacation is the money that can now be invested elsewhere. One […]