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  • Is a Stationary Bike Low Impact?

    If you are looking to obtain an exercise machine that will provide you with fun and engaging workouts, a stationary bike may be an ideal option. This can be especially true for individuals looking to lose weight and tone their body. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to make a

  • Burn Away Your Belly with a Stationary Bike

    Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to burn belly fat while increasing your lean muscle mass. Using a stationary bike is among the top ways to get rid of belly fat. Below you’ll learn what you should focus on during your workout to help you lose the bulge. Build Your Routine If you

  • Choosing an Exercise Bike for Knee Rehabilitation

    Knees are among the most injury-afflicted joints in the body. The ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments are all susceptible to injury. No matter what kind of knee issue you have, riding an exercise bike can help keep you in shape while you heal. Below you’ll learn how to use an exercise bike to help you

  • The Health Benefits of Stationary Biking

    Whether you’ve just invested in your first stationary bike or have been riding for years, there are many health benefits that are specific to this form of exercise. Below you’ll learn how a stationary bike can help you work toward your fitness goals while improving your health. A Healthy Weight Stationary biking is a great

  • How to Avoid Common Spin Class Mistakes

    If you’ve recently started a spin class, you probably understand why it’s important to get to class five minutes early to adjust your stationary bike. Whether you’re new to spinning or have been at it for years, you’ll learn more below about common spin class setup mistakes you should avoid to get the most out

  • Buying the Best Stationary Bike

    Stationary bikes provide outstanding workouts for your thighs, hips, glutes, calves, and more. If you’re ready to invest in a stationary bike but aren’t sure where to begin, there are several things to look for to ensure that you choose the best stationary bike for you. Below, you’ll find out more about how to select

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Indoor Cycling

    Indoor cycling is one of the best-known calorie burning workouts, but there are mistakes you can make that can cause injuries and create less than optimal results. Below you’ll learn about what to avoid to get the best cycling session possible. A Too Tight Grip Clinging to the handlebars not only wastes energy, but it

  • How to Use a Stationary Bike

    Stationary bikes are a great way to improve your strength and gain cardiovascular endurance without harming your joints. Although it may seem simple enough to hop on a stationary bike and start your workout, there are many things you should learn about properly using a bike to maximize your experience. Below, you’ll learn how to